TON Crash - Provably fair Crash game on TON

TON Crash

TON Crash

:rocket: The first provably fair Crash game on TON.

Play now on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @toncrashbot

Project Name: Ton Crash
Project Website:
Project Twitter:
Project Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @toncrash

The game result algorithm is open source. Please click here for more information.

We finalized our mini-app today, just in time for the application. In the coming weeks, we plan to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign, partnering with various projects on the TON blockchain.

While we don’t have metrics yet, Crash is a well-established game in other ecosystems like Bitcoin and Solana. For reference, please see and

Conservatively, we estimate reaching 1,000 Daily Active Users (DAU), 10,000 monthly transactions with retention rates of 30% on Day 1 (D1), 23% on Day 7 (D7), and 15% on Day 14 (D14) by the end of July.

Name indicated in the bot for SDK integration: TONCrash

Name Contact
Mr. Sashimi Telegram: Contact @MrSashimi

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