The Baby version of Notcoin: Baby Notcoin

Baby Notcoin $BBNOT


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Baby Notcoin: The Adorable baby version of Notcoin on the TON Chain :gem:

The cuter, smaller offspring of the original Notcoin on the TON Chain. While we might be tiny, we’re bursting with potential and ready to take the crypto world by storm—baby steps first, of course!

We’re not just another coin; we’re a movement. A tiny, giggling, diaper-clad movement. Our upcoming tapping game is the perfect blend of fun and finance. Tap, play, and earn your way to the top! Just like any baby, we thrive on attention. Join our growing family and help Baby Notcoin grow!

We might be small, but we have big dreams. Probably nothing, but definitely something. Get ready to fall in love with Baby Notcoin the cutest new addition to your crypto family!

Token Distribution Overview

The total supply of our tokens is 10 million, with the marketing wallet holding the largest share at 2.5%, following several buybacks. The distribution among holders is well-balanced, with no single wallet dominating.

Our token has been verified on and is listed as one of the default tokens. It is also verified by the Tonkeeper wallet.

Roadmap ahead:

We are excited to announce that our P2E Baby Coin tapping game has entered the beta testing phase and will be launched in the coming weeks. Initially, community members can earn $NOT and $BBNOT through the game. In subsequent stages, following various partnerships, the game will serve as a dynamic platform for new token distribution.

To increase your token’s visibility, consider adding it as a prize in the Baby Notcoin game to attract more holders.




Let’s go Baby!!! All BIG things come from BABY beginnings :blush:

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