About the Token & Memecoin Battle category

Token & Memecoin Battle

New tokens and memecoins are welcome to join the Token & Memecoin Battle upon the approval of The Open League committee.

The eligibility criteria for the new entrants are as follows:

  1. Token TVL on DEXs > $100,000 (note that your token TVL is meant here, not the TVL of the entire pool)
  2. FDV > $1M
  3. Unique token holders > 1,000
  4. Fair token distribution (information on tokenomics and team wallet addresses must be provided)
  5. Team with an unblemished track record and relevant expertise
  6. Clear roadmap
  7. LP tokens are burnt or locked

Please note that the presented criteria are approximate and can be changed throughout the program.

Candidates apply on the TONResearch portal by creating a new topic in this category. Only fully completed and detailed applications will be reviewed. The absence of any necessary information in the application will lead to its automatic rejection.

Applications for the current season close on June 11, 11am UTC. The projects that did not apply to join before that date are welcome to make a submission for the next season.

To add new smart contracts for tracking during the season (on top of those provided in the application form), the participants should use this Github repo (link will be added soon). The submission of additional smart contracts closes 5 days before the end of the season.

In exceptional cases and at any time throughout the season, a wild card can be granted. The wild card gives the team an opportunity to receive an LP boost without necessarily ranking top in the previous season.

The wild card can be given to new TON projects with impressive token metrics right after the launch, projects with substantial traction that are deployed on other blockchains and are migrating to TON, as well as hackathon winners or TON accelerator alumni.

Upon successful submission, the teams should wait for The Open League Committee to process their applications and get back with a decision.

Please note that inclusion in the leaderboard is not guaranteed from day one. Successful submission does not ensure immediate placement on the leaderboard.


Who doesn’t love a good war game? Create your team based on local players only, battling teams in the same or similar locations. Use TON to purchase better weaponry, armor; shields for your base, etc. Each winning team moves wins the TON used by the opposing team and moves up the ladder to the next battle. Let’s bloody the fields of TON for fun!


one of the bigest project ever soon to the moon


i have much to say about shitcoins soon to the moon.



بهترین توکن و شبکه,:hibiscus::kissing_heart::face_in_clouds::disappointed_relieved::elephant::point_down::melting_face::melting_face::melting_face::melting_face::melting_face::melting_face::melting_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::no_mouth::yawning_face::yawning_face::hugs::hugs:

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Hoping to be able to make it here and apply for the battle after our launch!

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