TapTip - Mini game app on telegram where you can earn coin by tapping the screen

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    Telegram: Contact @TapTipfun

  • Project’s Metrics
    Total users 600,000
    Channel Users more 223,000
    New users this month 327,000
    New users this week 327,000
    Total referrals 8,768
    Users earned 823,009,611 coins

  • Attach the link to a Google Doc that describes your current traction, including

    1. UAW (unique active wallets) for the last month

    2. MAU and DAU
      2024.6 MAU :600,000
      2024.6 DAU:150,000

    3. N of tx for the last month
      None. (Token not launched)

    4. Retention D1, D7, D14.
      Retention D1: 55.65%
      Retention D7: 46.10%
      Retention D14: 40.02%

    Please include the proofs of this traction.

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    TapTip Bot:Telegram: Contact @TapTipFun_bot
    TapTip - Mini game app on telegram where you earn coins by tapping the screen.Tap is power, Tip is asset. Launch to the moon with #TapTip.Here you can :smiley_cat::

    1.Tap anytime, anywhere.
    2. Completing daily and social tasks.
    3. Referral friends for tapping fun.
    4. Billionaire Building Plan.
    5. Launch to the Mars with us.

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we are the great tap to earn project. :smiley_cat:

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