Shibaton, First Shiba on Ton networkl


First Shiba token on the Ton chain

Telegram: @ShibaTon_Portal

Project’s Twitter

Chart: SHIBT/TON - ShibaTon Price on | GeckoTerminal

Soon a lot of people will start using $TON for the first time, and what will they look into? yes, memes!!! and which one is the most famous one? exactly, SHIBA!!!

Team has been working for more than 2 months already and community being built around this project, we are ready to moon once the volume comes to $TON, we have weekly contests, raids… partnerships with big KOLS in the space, we are twitter verified and we also opened more socials so we can reach a bigger audience in crypto, WE ARE READY!

Youtube :

TikTok: TikTok - Make Your Day

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Hello SHIBATON team,

Thank you for applying to The Open League Season #1.

After reviewing your application, we must inform you that your token does not meet our current eligibility criteria. Concerns regarding suspicious trading activity by the team have also been noted. For more information on our criteria, please visit this page.

Once these issues are resolved, you are welcome to reapply for future seasons.

Thank you.