About the Memecoin Leaderboard category

This category is designated for teams applying for The Open League Memecoin Leaderboard.

This Leaderboard is part of the TON Foundation’s larger effort to spur the growth of community projects. Hence, we warmheartedly welcome Memecoin and community tokens in the TON Ecosystem.
Participating tokens are not guaranteed an LP boost or a determined prize pool.
Upon impressive performance, the communities of the participating projects will receive special rewards from the TON Foundation in various forms.
To join the Leaderboard, projects need to submit an application form and comply with the following minimum requirements:
- Team with an untinged track record
- Fair token distribution (fair launch)
- Token TVL on DEXs > $100,000
- Unique Token holders > 1,000
- FDV > $1,000,000

Please be aware that for projects admitted into The Open League, the accumulation of data towards leaderboard standings commences from the season’s first day, irrespective of the project’s acceptance date.