$RECA - The Guardian Of TON Chain

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The ResistanceCat

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Developing a dedicated Telegram mini-app, featuring thoroughly vetted projects, aiming to protect newcomers from common pitfalls and scams.

With the first wallet tracker for TON ( Live ) and upcoming Telegram bots like token scanner, RECA enhances user interaction by enabling project voting and feedback submission, serving as a central hub for trusted blockchain projects. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to crypto, Resistance Cat empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Please provide detailed information on your token distribution, especially indicating the % of token supply held by the team and the status of the team’s LP tokens

Team Holds 9% Of Total Supply As Of Now, Which includes Token Allocation for Marketing, Buyback & Burns ( almost 5000$ tokens have been burnt so far), Future CEX Listings And Partnerships

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

Our project roadmap for the next 6 months is jam-packed! We’re kicking things off with the launch of a token scanner bot and a lounge next week. Then, we’re diving into real-life campaigns to educate people on staying safe in the crypto realm and how to buy crypto with ease on TON Chain.

But wait, there’s more! We’re also aiming to onboard as many of the 900 million active Telegram users to the Ton Chain with giveaways and competitions. Plus, we’re gearing up to release our beta version of “THE RESISTANCE” Telegram mini-app, where users can find thoroughly vetted projects and participate in daily quizzes to learn how to stay safe from scams and rugs.

And that’s not all! We’re rolling out our own merch and launching campaigns in countries like Nigeria, Sri Lanka, India to help them easily onboard crypto with TON Chain. It’s going to be an exciting journey ahead!

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Zachary Testa

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https://reca.live (website) | Telegram: Contact @ResistanceCatTon ( Telegram Communty)

By submitting the form I confirm that the data I provided is correct and I fully understand that in case of the contrary, my project will be permanently eliminated from The Open League.


$RECA to the moon . Do well am sure you can’t miss out


The world need to hear about this great project #reca

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$RECA is indeed one of a kind…
I’m rooting for its success, which I’m sure is certain

Resistance cat the first cat memecoin on Ton network

The world have gone into a global village, lets spread the love around the world
#RECA #REDO #TON #crypto

$Reca 4 ever!! :no_good_man:t2: only :heart: we getting everyday bigger and bigger!

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Hi! We texted you on May 6 at your contact handle @ZacharyTesta, but we haven’t received a response yet.

Hi @openleaguesupport - I just registered here to express my concerns with listing this coin in The Open League. Despite claiming to be “Guardian of TON chain”, team behind Resistance Cat consists of liars and execute a lot of shady actions behind the scenes.

  1. They sold 45k USD worth of $RECA from team wallet and were never transparent about it, banning everyone who raised this questions for “fudding”.
  • Team wallet
  1. Same team behind RECA were behind “tremp” coin on $TON - they also sold a lof of tokens on the open market there and abandoned the coin once they saw there’s no one to milk anymore on that one. Currently the coin is dead. If you look onchain, people that got rugged on tremp are still sending messages to RECA deployer asking to extend the LP lock for tremp in the MEMO (Transaction · b7be…35b7) for potential community takeover. Anyone who mentions tremp in the RECA community chat gets an instant ban.

All transactions related to tremp can be found here:

The address belongs to RECA team, easiest proof of that is their recent relock of RECA liquidity on Ton INU from the same address.

  1. They claim in the application and in the thread here that team only owns 1% supply (after selling 45k USD on the market), which fully contradicts with their 150k USD buybacks statement.

I attached some links, but I’m pretty sure you know better than me how to verify claims above on the blockchain. I’m linking these just so you spend less time on your research. Make sure you perform a very detailed due diligence before you add shady projects like RECA to the Open League.

TON is no place for scammers!

Clearly its REGI team whos been making false accusation since 500k lmao.

Tremp lp was extended to 6months already and they added 12000$ worth more lp aswell. And after that 40k dump, team literally made around 100k worth of ton buybacks and that’s why its still in the top gainers and even today.

You guys can try hard, cry hard but that doesn’t gonna help your project. 0iqd selfish bitches should be exposed

Probably this was the guy sold 4k worth of his tokens at 600k bottom

  1. team clearly said that their teammate who was assisting them since launch sold his 2% allocation,this happened at 1m and team bought back around 2x of what the teammate sold and he got kicked out of the team already

  2. no one lost in tremp, they launchd it with 0 team allocations, lp lock got expired and theyy relocked it for 6more months with 12k more liquidity for CTO to happen

  3. projects like ResistanceGirl and spotty couldnt bear reca’s success and been constantly fudding like a clown despite RECA’s huge success over the past few days.

Better than spending time here to destroy a project, instead use it to grow your own project, kiddo

You posted the transaction they sold. But why didn’t you mention any transaction where they bought back and burnt tokens? They’ve been consistently buying back tokens since the incident occurred. For example, in this wallet : Transaction · 82ca…3425
they bought nearly 30,000 worth of tokens and burnt 7000 worth tokens and allocated remaining for oyster labs partnership

So far, if we connect the dots, they’ve purchased around $150,000 worth of RECA tokens and already burnt $7,000. Your post doesn’t add up; it just seems like a desperate attempt from a competing project. :man_shrugging: Not sure why there are individuals here trying to tear down a project while they can be doing something productive. You must be ashamed of yourself

@openleaguesupport if you can see how desperate they are trying to prove their innocence, but the great thing about blockchain is that it never lies.

Even if they post thousands more messages here trying to switch the attention from their scammy nature, I’m sure Open League team knows very well how to verify my claims via TON blockchain.

Scammers have no place on TON!

The team actually bought back around three times the amount I mentioned, you clown :clown_face:. Congratulations on your attempt to destroy ResistanceCat, but you’ve only succeeded in making yourself look like a joker. The team has been doing an enormous amount of buybacks/burn that your entire bloodline couldn’t even dream of. You, without a heart, are mercilessly trying to destroy their project. People have become so toxic nowadays. We’re not idiots to fall for you. I’ve never seen such a hardworking team on the TON chain as the ResistanceCat team.

We’ll break the Resistance together. @openleaguesupport you guys should really start restricting these baseless comments from co-projects, this is an serious issue.

Yeah blockchain never lies.

These two wallets linked with dev wallet alone bought back 43000$ tokens, thats higher than the amount that you said, there’s still three more wallets.

@openleaguesupport isnt a team of kids to trust you, just look at the fucking Tonviewer transactions, BLOCKCHAIN NEVER LIES.

If you could be transparent with your community instead of using ChatGPT generated comments to spam this thread trying to shift the attention away from your scamming activities, that would be glorious.

Take every tonviewer link from my message and post something that proves me wrong. But you can’t because deep down you know you’re lying here.

:slight_smile: o you are saying that they sold 40k at 1M, still people buying and now its around 2.6M, watch their progress man and in private chat they already resolved this thing about 40k sell. Not sure why you are angry with them, but just join their telegram and see how hard they work. Maybe you sold too early? No worries just DCA from here, the ton chain is still super early. Buy projects with solid teams like $JDOGE $FISH and RECA.. From what i have seen from the links that you sent, yes its connected with the dev wallet but they made more dollars Buybacks than the dumped money, so I don't find something bearish here.. They been rewarding daily atleast 50 for shillers, doing giveaways, giving ton frequently for those active guys in chat etc. Its hard, but yeah you can still make money of the chain, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Not sure why you decided to comeup with this right at the moment of us getting listed on the minor league , but all good. We have been transparent with our community, most of them know about how much was sold by one of our teammate and how much we bought back later to rectify the mistake happened from our side.
The team member who dumped his allocation has Been kicked out already and replaced by a reputable guy in the space. This is an completely anon space and he has been working with us since 2021, never thought he would completely dump his allocation this early, not sure how we could have stopped this from happening. We fixed it by buying back around 2x of what he sold. Only 0.8% team allocation for three more members are left and they been already locked for 6months on tonraffles.
If you still have concern over anything, feel free to text us on the mainchat or to Telegram: Contact @ZacharyTesta

GoodDay !

A tweet has been made regarding this : https://twitter.com/ResistanceCat/status/1788569250527142235?t=EGjI7a4vOVVL1HFACXpZSQ&s=19

And to break the silence, here’s a screenshot of the guy blackmailing that he’ll use the transaction ( tx our ex teammate allocation ) to create massive fud attack on us if we didn’t airdrop him 500$ worth of RECA tokens. Mistakes happen, but we solved it already by buying back double the amount of what our rogue teammate sold. We are here to build, guard and no matter what the Resistance is… We’ll keep on


Look man, you registered 4th alt account already and still haven’t posted anything that would deny my claims above.

You can do as many buybacks as you want with the money scammed from other projects including tremp on TON, it would not help you bleach your reputation. It’s good that you’re putting this money into TON instead of buying lambos like other scammers do, but how long can this last?

Its funny that you put a tweet only after you were exposed, proving that you were indeed guilty and not transparent at all. What about tremp though, are you going to make a post about this as well now that everyone knows the truth?

@openleaguesupport I would like to emphasize that If this RECA thing or anything deployed by this team ever gets accepted to the Open League, it would put a big shadow over Open League and the whole TON ecosystem. I’m a big supporter of TON myself and I would never want it to become scammer nest like SOLANA.

I am 100% confident you will perform a solid due diligence here.