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Oleg Kolchakov aka MR PROTON

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i am big fun TON and Telegram product’s! i like and create meme’s, check it:

Hello beloved TON and Telegram!

I’m your big and long-time fan, who creates his own ecosystem based on advertising technology and human attention, which is wrapped in proton jetton.

My mission is to create a systematic and fundamental product, showing how content is created and popularised by example. Over the past year I have written more than 30 songs in the new genre of crypto-rap, conducted about 20 podcasts with guests from the world of TON records you can find here: Telegram: Contact @mrprotonprocast , 15 audio digests in a unique informative and entertaining format archive here: Telegram: Contact @mrproton5min , I also create viral voice-overs: Telegram: Contact @mrprotonvoiceover.

I am a certified Product-Manager who defended his IT project with honours at Innopolis University and was awarded by the mayor of the city. Diploma work is available at the link:

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