🟥 PocketFI: cross-chain swaps, Telegram wallet and $switch mining

What is PocketFi?

PocketFi is the ultimate solution for seamless cross-chain token transfers, snipes, copytrading, and much more! It is designed to revolutionize the way you navigate the world of decentralized finance in Telegram as a Mini-App. A new approach that PocketFi brings together with an extensive range of decentralized exchanges (DEXes), innovative bridges, and all encapsulated within a single, user-friendly bot using new tools from the Telegram team. This synergy of technologies allows you to have full control, initiate token swaps, earn on sniping opportunities, and manage multiple wallets.

PocketFi allows you to effortlessly transfer token A on the C chain to token B on the D chain, all with just a few clicks, where the bot serves as the nexus to any-to-any interactions.

What problem do we solve with this bot?

A telegram-based bot is a new approach for any trader because of its tooling. Here is a common problem in the current web3 world:

  • Complexity of Cross-Chain Transactions: Cross-chain swaps often involve juggling between various decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and bridges, leading to confusion and inefficiency.

  • Optimal Route Selection: Choosing the best route for your cross-chain swap can be challenging, with factors like gas fees, protocol fees, and security to consider.

  • Timely and Accurate Information: In the fast-paced world of crypto, having outdated or inaccurate route information can be detrimental.

  • Overall Efficiency: Navigating various platforms, keeping track of multiple transactions, and managing different protocols can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

PocketFi solves them all by:

  • Simplifying this process by aggregating more DEXes, bridges, and chains than any other aggregator, giving you a one-stop solution for your cross-chain needs.

  • PocketFi lets you set your desired slippage percentage, ensuring transparency and helping you make informed decisions.

  • PocketFi takes the guesswork out by intelligently sorting and presenting routes that cater to your preferences and needs.

  • PocketFI provides real-time data, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information for your swaps or bridges or maybe your staking positions.

Experience the power of PocketFi and enjoy a smoother, more effective cross-chain swapping experience. We’re here to simplify the complex world of crypto transactions and empower you to trade with confidence!

How does the aggregation work?

Seamless Routes via PocketFi router goes beyond the basics. It’s your go-to platform for transferring Token A on Chain C to Token B on Chain D. Our robust aggregator pulls in more DEXes, bridges, and chains than any other project in Telegram and in Web3, ensuring you find the optimal routes with maximum liquidity to reach the minimal losses due to slippage and minimal fees from providers.

With PocketFi, you can choose from three straightforward ways to perform any-to-any cross-chain transactions:

  1. Multi-Transaction: Swap and bridge in the first transaction, and then swap again on the target chain. It’s safe but a tad inconvenient, and rate fluctuations could cause hiccups. Most likely, such a router user will not meet but we ensure that if he meets such a Route, he will proceed with it in a minute.

  2. Bridge-Direct: The best choice for the user! Executes a single transaction through integrated DEXes on the decentralized bridge. Fast, secure, and slippage-tolerant.

  3. Semi-Centralized: Opt for a one-shot transaction via semi-centralized bridges like Hyphen. A balanced option with integrated DEXes and partial centralization for convenience.

Intelligent Sorting PocketFi interface does more than just list routes – it guides you to the best options:

  • Maximize Returns: See tokens received in likely slippage and the most probable outcomes.

  • Time-Sensitive: Get real-time route durations, not ballpark estimates…


Chain Status id
Ethereum :green_circle: 1
Optimism :green_circle: 10
Arbitrum :green_circle: 42161
TON :green_circle: -
Polygon :red_circle: 137
zkEVM Polygon :red_circle: 1101
Base :red_circle: 8453
Avalanche :red_circle: 43114
zkSync Era :red_circle: -
BSC :red_circle: 56
StarkNet :red_circle: -


DEX Status Chains
1inch :green_circle: ETH, OP, ARB, POL, BSC, AVAX
0x :green_circle: ETH, OP, ARB, POL, BSC, AVAX
OpenOcean :green_circle: ETH, ARB, POL, BSC, AVAX
ParaSwap :green_circle: ETH, POL, AVAX, BSC
Uniswap V2 :green_circle: ETH
SushiSwap :green_circle: ETH, OP, ARB, POL, BSC, AVAX
DeDust :green_circle: TON
StonFi :green_circle: TON


Bridge Status Chain
Across :green_circle: ETH, OP, POL, ARB
Hyphen :green_circle: ETH, OP, BSC, POL, ARB, AVAX
Celer :red_circle: OP, POL, ARB, BSC
Hop :red_circle: ETH, OP, POL, ARB
Allbridge :green_circle: ETH, BSC, POL, ARB
Connext :green_circle: ETH, BSC, POL, OP, ARB
Arbitrum :green_circle: ETH, ARB
Optimism :green_circle: ETH, OP
Stargate :green_circle: ETH, OP, BSC, POL, AVAX, ARB
Polygon :red_circle: ETH, POL

DeFi Yields (in beta)

PocketFi supports all possible DeFi yield farming opportunities. Users can provide liquidity to liquidity pools on platforms like Uniswap, and PancakeSwap. Lend money to the Stargate or maybe even enter a Leveraged position on Gearbox. We can help users manage their deposited assets, directly interact with DeFi smart contracts, and handle compounding or yield withdrawals.

Wallet Integration and Security

Secure authentication or integration with trusted wallet providers is essential. This is why from this seed phrase, PocketFI generates an HD wallet (Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet) key, using the userID within our bot and the selected wallet. This enables PocketFI to dynamically generate multiple wallets for each user on the fly. Importantly, each user can only access their own subset of keys. This way, PocketFI doesn’t store each user’s private key in the database. In fact, PocketFI stores minimal information about the user because even if the entire database is compromised, only non-critical, anonymized data will be present (like the TG handle). The utmost care must be taken to protect user private keys or seed phrases, implementing robust security practices.

User Notifications and Alerts

Real-time notifications keep users informed about transaction progress, swaps, yields, and other activities. These notifications enable users to stay updated and make well-timed decisions based on those alert.

:repeat_one: $Switch token

$Switch is the PocketFi DAO governance token. It will be used for voting on adding DeFi protocols to PocketFi, incentivizing community activities, and more!

:pick: Mining Phase

:exclamation:During the first phase, will be distributed 51% of $switch tokens.

Mining performance: Upon starting the mining your account will begin earning score. The mining speed will be determined by your score. Base mining performance is 1 $switch per hour, while the maximal speed with score is 5 $switch per hour.

Moreover, you can boost your mining performance by the following actions:

  • TON network swap: +2 $switch/hour per swap (24 hours, up to 10 times a day)

  • EVM network swap: +2 $switch/hour per swap (24 hours, up to 10 times a day)

  • Ethereum mainnet swap: +10 $switch/hour per swap (24 hours, up to 10 times a day)

  • Connect TON Punks NFT: +5 $switch/hour per NFT, while connected.

  • Connect NOTCOIN voucher NFT: +0.01 $switch/hour per NFT, while connected.

Claim and burn:

All mined tokens appear to claim. Claiming is available immediately, although they will be stored in your account and will become available for transfers and swaps only after token generation. All unclaimed tokens burn automatically every 6 hours.

:gem: Referrals System

You can earn $switch tokens by inviting friends. Get a fixed bonus of up to 240 $switch for you and your friend — the final amount depends on their score. Each time your friend claims tokens, 10% of their reward becomes claimable by you. Moreover, 2% of their friends’ rewards will also become claimable for you! Earn swap fees 50% of PocketFi swap fees paid by your friends will be redistributed to you during the first days of launch.

*Currently available for EVM swaps only, with TON coming soon.


How much fees does PocketFi charge for a swap/bridge?

  • 0.5% for all EVM swaps

  • 0.1% for TON swaps

Why should I use the PocketFi instead of other bridge/DEX aggregators?

  • You can use it right seamlessly from your Telegram account.

  • You can set up unique automated strategies unavailable in Metamask.

What about provider fees and other possible fees?

  • Cross-chain transactions have fees, commonly known as gas fees. PocketFi simplifies such transactions by providing users with fee estimates and optimization options to ensure cost-effectiveness. PocketFi displays all Provider fees, Bridge fees, DEX fees, and slippage.

:point_right: Start using PocketFi and mining $switch :point_left:

:paperclips: Links


:red_square: PocketFi trading volume on TON exceeded $4 million!

In just 11 days PocketFi trading volume on TON exceeded 600,000 TON ($4 million). In celebration of this, PocketFi increased mining boosts for swaps!

  • TON swaps: +4 switch/h ➞ +8 switch/h :arrow_up:
  • EVM swaps: +2 switch/h ➞ +5 switch/h :arrow_up:
  • ETH swaps: +10 switch/h ➞ +12 switch/h :arrow_up:

Boosts are active for 24 hours after the swap. You can also get +5 switch/h for TON Punks NFT, boost is active while the NFT is in your wallet and not on sale.

:rocket: Start mining $switch
:star: PocketFi community

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:red_square: PocketFi Weekly Updates

From that moment, once per week PocketFi’s team will share updates. The past week was productive and hot.

:wrench: What have done:

  • Reached 900,000 total users in PocketFi bot
  • Upgraded the servers to keep up with the load
  • Improved the stability of swaps on TON and EVM
  • TON USDt support

:spiral_notepad: What’s coming next:

  • Mining roadmap update
  • Mining guilds and leaderboards
  • Reduction of gas fees in TON swaps
  • Base L2 rollup support

Stay tuned for more updates!

:coffee: PocketFi Community

:pick: Keep Mining!

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:red_square: PocketFi updates: TON swaps gas fee reduced; swap gas UX interface reworked

Recently TON Validators have approved the TON Core Dev team’s proposal for a further 2.5x reduction in transaction fees. That allowed to reduce gas fee for swaps to dynamic 0.08 - 0.3 TON.

Also, swaps interface was reworked so now it shows the gas that is most likely shall provide a successful transaction and unused gas will be refunded.

This should increase the stability and convenience of the PocketFi bot interactions.

Have a nice weekends, more things coming next week!

:coffee: PocketFi Community

:pick: Keep Mining!

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Great Potential Everyone should be able to get this resolved now

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:red_square: 1 Million Users & PocketFi tokenomics

PocketFi’s team is happy to announce that PocketFi reached 1 million users in PocketFi bot. That’s a remarkable achievement!

At this milestone, they are ready to share PocketFi tokenomics details!

:coin: $switch Halving

Once PocketFi reaches 2 million users, the mining speed and boosts will be cut by half. Subsequently, for every additional 2 million users, the reward will be halved again (up to 10 millions users). On this link you can find halving schedule.

:end: When will mining end?

$switch mining will end in Q4 2024. After that, the total number of tokens will be determined and fixed in the smart contract.

:coffee: PocketFi Community

:pick: Keep Mining!

:red_square: PocketFi Friends Statistics Update

PocketFi WebApp Friends tab was updated.

Now on that tab you can see:

  • Total amount of FRENS invited with and without Telegram Premium
  • Bonus mined from FRENS
  • Bonus mined from FRENS of FRENS
  • Total $switch mined from FRENS

:coffee: PocketFi Community

:pick: Keep Mining!

:red_square: Guilds and Alliances in PocketFi

PocketFi is excited to introduce leaderboards for $switch miners! Check out who is on top! Mine Solo or unite with your friends in Alliances!

Mine $switch to get on top of your Guild and move into the next one. Only top 1% of miners will get into the Cardinal guild!

There are 5 guilds both for Miners and Alliances:

Adept (top 50% best miners)
Master (top 30% best miners)
Magister (top 15% best miners)
Grandmaster (top 4% best miners)
Cardinal (top 1% best miners)

:coffee: PocketFi Community

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