NFT TONificator Bot: Solution for NFT traders

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NFT TONificator Bot

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no website, just a bot Telegram: Contact @nftTONificatorBot

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chat: Telegram: Contact @nfttonificator_chat

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Anton Malashenkov

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last month tx (march): 14784
proof: EQBCgLjWjbpp7Dgd86J0zqxR8NUWbDPr_TKxgbRjbKS65m8V the smart contract to deploy sale/auction contracts. But this is transactions only to create sale/auction smart contracts. The bot allows to put up for sale/auction Fragment NFTs: numbers and usernames. How many transactions generates this secton is currently does not count.

total: ?
monthly: 1452 (at march)
daily: 220 (at 31.03)
proof: owners of deployed sales via EQBCgLjWjbpp7Dgd86J0zqxR8NUWbDPr_TKxgbRjbKS65m8V
The number above is only to create sale/auction contract. But should we count cancel sale as well ?
(+ unknown amount for Fragment)

Retention: Currently it does not count

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A convenient and very useful service/bot for working with NFT collections.
A reliable assistant who has never let you down. The founder is in touch, listens to users and their suggestions for improvements.
In terms of security, everything is also excellent.
I actively use this bot and can confidently recommend it.


Очень удобный бот, однозначно рекомендую!


Cool product very pjoleznyts bot. I’m glad that such projects exist and would like it to continue to develop, expanding its functions for ordinary users like me


This app is DOPE and must have! Thanks Anton!


I use this bot for trading 888 Numbers. This bot helps me to impove my work and find better offers to buy. HIGHLY recommend!


Лучший универсальный помощник!
Вне конкуренции во многом


The best bot for working with domains and web3 :zap::white_check_mark::robot:


Отличный бот для NFT. Очень выручил при реализации анонимных номеров без конской комиссии.


an excellent bot that allows you to monitor market trends


Очень хороший бот, пользуюсь уже давно! Ни раз выручал бот! Огромное спасибо, разработчику!!!


The best bot for working with Fragment and tracking NFT collections!


Антон, давай больше полезных ботов. Они очень помогают ориентироваться в хаосе ТОНа ).
Благодарю за эту работу.

from the 1 April my project has UAW=961 and N_txs=51758.
This is not the last place of App Leaderboard. As well as I didn’t try to push users in order to increase this metric and I count txs that I think need to count but users send even more txs via the bot into blockchain.

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