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Please describe your project and token utility
TON KONG is a GameFi development project connected on dasp Tonkeeper Wallet allows users to earn free daily $KONG rewards through gaming

Link GAME KONG: http://kongminigame.io

At the same time, we develop Buy Bot, Trending Bot, Trade Bot to help project creators easily display buy bots and access their projects quickly

Please provide detailed information on your token distribution, especially indicating the % of token supply held by the team and the status of the team’s LP tokens

  • 25% Game development and Game rewards
    -20% Listing CEX
    -15% Marketing
    -10% Team
    -6% Airdrop
    -1% partnership

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months
Our roadmap for the next 6 months is very dense, including Game launch and Game development to help users experience the game in the most authentic way.

Next we will launch BOT including: Kong Buy Bot, Kong Trending Bot, Kong Scaner Bot, Kong Trade Bot. We have prepared this in advance and will announce it in stages in the near future.

In addition, we are also increasing marketing and launching upcoming Game competition and bot trading programs

And that’s not all! We are launching our own merchandise and launching campaigns in countries like Nigeria, Sri Lanka, India to help them easily access cryptocurrency with TON Chain. This will be an exciting journey ahead!

Link to the token’s page on re:doubt and/or DYOR

Link to the token’s page on Geckoterminal

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By submitting the form I confirm that the data I provided is correct and I fully understand that in case of the contrary, my project will be permanently eliminated from The Open League.


$KONG is inevitable. The work so hard and getting list to the minor league in less than a week. Best in TON meme ecosystem :heart_on_fire::gorilla:

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Yes! Thank you for your love for $KONG :heartbeat:, please accompany us on our great journeys

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Hello team,

Thank you for taking the time to apply for The Open League Season #1.

After a thorough review, we must inform you that, unfortunately, your token does not meet our current eligibility criteria. You can find them through this link [https://tonresear.ch/t/about-the-memecoin-leaderboard-category/1276].

Once your token aligns with these criteria, please feel free to resubmit your application for the future seasons.

We look forward to seeing your application again in the future.

Thank you.