Forsakens DP2E next gen text RPG

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Forsakens RPG

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Twitter followers: ~ 300
+178% site visits grow monthly
+92% messages in discord weekly
TG channel subscribers:~ 2k
Always active gamers in discord (see logs channel)
Discord members: ~ 2k+

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Don’t be confused by the solana badge. Initially, we worked on the project on this blockchain, but we did not meet a reliable feedback from the solan community, and we plan to transfer the project to TON if we receive sufficient support. Go ahead, build the TON ecosystem together!

Game trailer


:crown: Upgrade your hero.
:dragon_face: Fight monsters.
:mortar_board: Learn professions.
:broccoli: Farm resources and sell it.
:crossed_swords: Take part in events and epic battles.
:hammer: Craft items.

You can play and just have fun, becouse unlike many P2E games we are focused on gamers experience! But you can also play and earn without any investment. Try it now! We are already live in beta stage.

The Open Beta Season has begun!

All participants will receive prizes at the end of the beta season. All player progress will be saved. And you can choose how you want to receive your prizes: in-game or in cryptocurrency. By mastering professions, you can already receive crypto or in-game currency and interact with other players. New updates every week. Always something to keep you interested.


First command

/Startgame - The very first command you will have to start with. It will be used to create your game account so you can start your great adventure as soon as possible! Just type it in the ⁠🔥|startgame|🔥 channel if you are playing in official server, or in any game channel if your are playing in other servers and follow the prompts, interacting with our game through the buttons.


/Collect - One of the basic commands for collecting resources manually in the early stages of the game. Later, when you have established automatic resource farming with the help of buildings in your village, you can continue to use this command to get as many resources as possible, as well as to find valuable items with low drop chance. BUILDINGS /Build - An important command thanks to which you will open the building construction menu to create powerful tools to gather resources, improve your hero and army, places to trade between players and in-game merchants. Just type this command, and interact with the interactive menu in the messages that appear.

/Village - By entering this command you can see your village from a bird’s-eye view, as well as see a statistic about the resources of your settlement. From the village you can easily move to the town hall or other buildings with the help of convenient navigation buttons.

/Townhall - Takes you to the town hall, where you will see the characteristics of your hero. His attack power, health, defense, and influence on his people. For more information on characteristics, see characteristics.


/Inventory - with this command, you can open your backpack and see what items you have picked up and are currently carrying. These can be crafted aitimes, equipment, or trinkets, which you can easily sell in the store, or at auction.


/sell - With this command, you can sell any item from your inventory or resource to another player. Enter the command and follow the tooltips. Select the category from which you want to transfer the item and click on the item itself. Your customer will be notified about your offer, and he will need to click the buy button

/give - With this command, you can share any item from your inventory with another player. Enter the command and follow the tooltips. Select the category from which you want to transfer the item and click on the item itself. Your friend will be notified that you are sharing it with him, and he will need to click the pick button


/mine - First profession available for training. (Remember, you can only choose one profession to train). Go in search of treasures and resources in deep mines. In order to go to the mines, learn the mining profession in /townhall, purchase a pickaxe in /market, equip it, and enter the /mine command to start exploring the Arcanor caves. For each move in the caves, you will need to give 2 pieces of wood to strengthen your mines

/blacksmith - The second profession available for training. (Remember, you can only choose one profession to train) Train this profession in the /townhall and activate it with a /blacksmith command. Collaborate with ore miners, smelting metals, upgrading your items, creating unique tools and armor.


/Journey - An integral part of the game is traveling. It is your main way to collect valuable loot as well as experience. Enter this command in the channel of your region and go in search of adventure! In this mode you will fight monsters. But be careful. Encounters with monsters will not be easy. You'll need wits and the proper allocation of resources and abilities to win, and save your strength for future battles. Also, you can go to the dungeon from your town hall, using the command /Townhall. And one day you will be able to find a dungeon (each leveling region has its own unique dungeon) in which you can endlessly dive deeper and deeper, finding more valuable and valuable treasures and reinforcements. But don't expect to get off easy here either. This part of the lvling is especially hadrcore. Good luck!

/Dungeon - As soon as you find a dungeon in your levelling zone, you can go straight to the dungeon and continue where you stopped last time.


/dealer - With this command, you can buy ARCA cryptocurrencies, exchange it for in-game crystals, or exchange in-game crystals for gold.



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