$YODA - BABY YODA Has arrived to lead the ton season 💎

$YODA Baby Yoda

Started as a homage to pay tribute to the OG sticker Baby Yoda . In future looking forward as a tool set

Being one of the top contenders of Ton meme ecosystem.

Bring in Normies to the ton space
10000 holders







Baby Yoda token emerged from the digital ether, a testament to Egor’s creativity and the collective imagination of the Telegram community. With its inception, Baby Yoda coin captures the hearts and minds of crypto enthusiasts, proving that even the smallest token could wield significant influence in the vast expanse of the blockchain galaxy

Chart :Yoda/TON - Baby Yoda Price on DeDust with 0.4% Fee | GeckoTerminal

Only a day since launch and sitting at a super strong floor of 400- 500k with a collaborative community. 🫶🏻⚡️

The creator of Utya and Virus also created Baby Yoda

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Thank you for taking the time to apply for The Open League Season #1.

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