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Yescoin mini app metrics until 5.14
Total Register Users: 3.1M
Total premium Players:250K
Daily Active Users: 800K
Retention D1: 52% D7: 30% D14: 25%
Ton Connect Users: 240K new users in 6 hours post feature launch on 2024.5.14
Total Telegram Channel followers: 827K
Total Twitter followers: 540K

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According to me this is a best project. TON support projects. Yescoin has reached the advanced peak very quickly.

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I’ve seen their work and I’m very happy with their work. They’ve come a long way. I’ve been to their communities and they’re great.They’ve got a ton of blockchain support, it’s a huge project

Good to see more and more projects on TON!!


YesCoin indeed shows promising potential with its interactive gameplay, rewarding system, and social engagement features. With its increasing popularity and active user base, the future outlook for YesCoin seems bright. The continuous development and introduction of new features could further enhance the user experience and ensure sustained growth in the cryptocurrency gaming space. especially given the collaboration with Toncoin.

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