Wonton.fun - Launch a Coin for 0.5$ in 1 click!

:tada: Introducing Wonton: Launch your coin now on TON! :tada:

Everyone wants to launch coins and memecoins, but liquidity can be a major hurdle, and AMMs aren’t exactly user-friendly. That’s where Wonton.fun comes in!

We’ve built the fastest and cheapest place for you degens to unleash your inner degen! :rocket: Launch a jetton in one click for just $0.5!

How does it work?

It’s super simple. The jetton is created in a fair launch, meaning the dev who creates the jetton has no allocation. They need to buy like everyone else on the market. We all start from the same line.

The jetton is immediately tradable on the bonding curve. The earlier you buy, the lower the price. As more buyers come, the price goes up. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

GIGA BRAIN NOTE: If you buy first, there is no way you can lose money as the jetton can never go to zero and never go below the price you bought it at. NFA, but this sounds like a free option! :money_with_wings:

Once the pool reaches a market cap of $69,420 USD (equivalent in TON), trading moves into the AMM! :moneybag: We’ve partnered with Ston.fi as our DEX!

Start launching on Wonton.fun via our Telegram bot @wontondotfun_bot

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