Wonnie - bear uniting memcoins

  • Token Name - Wonnie
  • Project’s Twitter x.com
  • We are creating an infrastructure project on the TON blockchain, using the popular Wonnie meme as a go-to-market strategy.

Wonnie is a symbol of a successful trader. He is not just a crypto businessman, but an example of how you can become a dollar billionaire without experiencing drawdowns in your portfolio, in which more than 90% are shieldcoins.

The problem that the project solves:

There are currently too many meme coins appearing on the TON blockchain. These coins are attracting the attention of people hoping for a quick profit.


Our platform works like a social network, adding mechanics for the growth, development and burning of partners’ meme coins. Partners no longer need to come up with a product and worry about supporting it - all meme coins will be able to promote one platform.

About the platform:

The following types of users will be represented on the platform:

  1. Users

  2. Authors

  3. Projects

  4. Users:

Anyone can connect their wallet to the platform and gain access to the following features:

1.1 Bets on the outcome of events from the authors (whether the idea will work or not). If the bet works, you receive tokens from the losing side in proportion to the bet (like a pool).

1.2 Flipper: Wonnie is our trader and gambler, so we will create a mini-game with a 40% chance of doubling your bet. If a person loses, he receives 30% cashback from the loss amount (the smart contract redeems from the glass). If he wins, the smart contract buys tokens from the glass.

1.3 Staking: staking will be implemented with access to quests, upgrading your avatar, increasing cashback, social and on-chain quests with rewards.

  1. Authors:

To become an author and publish posts (ideas) on the platform, you need to have an NFT, which is embedded in your profile avatar. After this, the profile becomes the author, and depending on the rarity of the NFT, the platform gives a percentage of the project commission (10% commission from the losing side). The rarer the NFT, the higher the percentage (from 50% to 99.9%). The author can make forecasts on the market and projects. People vote on whether the idea will pass or not, but the author still gets his percentage from the losing side.

  1. Projects:

In order for a project to be presented on the platform, it must buy Wonnie and stake them. Depending on the amount of staking, the platform functions are opened to the project (the ability to place bets with the project’s coin, receive cashback with the project’s token, build a staking system on the project’s token).

Simply put, we came up with a mechanism for burning tokens outsourced. Projects no longer have to worry about how to get their tokens used. They can come to us and we will do everything for them. Their task is to bring their users to our system.

We believe that our platform will become a key element in the TON ecosystem, creating new opportunities for all market participants. :rocket:

  • LP token locked Ton Raffles

  • we have a roadmap on our website https://wonnie.xyz/
    |LIQUIDITY + MM|22.50%|
    |POOL BOOST & REWARDS|2.50%|

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Great community, big plans, we believe in wonnie

Congrats on being approved to join The Open League Season. We hope to see your good performance and fair competition!