🐺 WOLF Meme ($WOLF): The multi-chain Meme Coin

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$WOLF - The multi-chain Meme Coin master! Running wild on TON, SOLANA, Ethereum, Binance, Base. We are launching the largest airdrop ever, distributing 75% of the total supply.

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July 2024 - PreSale:

  • 5% of $WOLF tokens available in a presale.
  • Available on TonRaffles LaunchPad and directly from our website.

July - August 2024 - Massive Airdrop:

  • 75% of tokens airdropped across 5 chains:
    • Solana: 15%
    • Ethereum: 15%
    • Base: 15%
    • TON: 15%
    • Binance: 15%
  • 5 lucky winners will receive $10,000 worth of $WOLF tokens each.

August 2024 - DEX Listings:

  • $WOLF token will be listed on the following DEXes:
    • Solana: Jupiter, Radium
    • TON: Ston, DeDust
    • Ethereum: Uniswap, SushiSwap
    • Base: Uniswap Odos
    • Binance: PandaSwap, JumperSwap

September 2024 - Token Burning:

  • Unclaimed tokens will be burned.

September 2024 - CEX Listings:

  • $WOLF token airdrop on Gate and MEXC.
  • Listing on Gate and MEXC exchanges.

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A big project. looking forward to see it

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