Welcome to FFF: The Future of Sustainable Staking

What is FaFaFa? :moneybag:

Traditionally, high-yield opportunities were exclusive to quant funds and top asset management firms. FaFaFa democratizes these opportunities, making them accessible to retail investors and smaller institutions through CeDeFi infrastructure. Our platform offers transparent, secure yield-generating products, empowering users to grow their assets.

FaFaFa (FFF), the TON Open League winner, provides a Telegram-based savings account for sustainable income, backed by institutional custody. As a TON-based staking initiative, FFF allows users to stake tokens for credits redeemable for rewards and features the first stablecoin staking on the TON platform.

Advantages :fire:

1. High Security: FFF is supported by world-leading institutional custody, ensuring the safety of users’ assets. By utilizing advanced encryption and security protocols, users can confidently stake their tokens on FFF.

2. Sustainable Income: By staking tokens, users can continuously earn credits. These credits can be used to exchange for additional staking rewards. FFF’s design ensures sustainable income, providing users with long-term earning potential.

3. Convenient Operations: The user interface based on Telegram makes FFF very convenient to use. Users can easily stake and manage their accounts through Telegram without complicated procedures.

4. TON Blockchain Support: As a TON blockchain-based project, FFF leverages TON’s efficient and fast transaction characteristics, ensuring quick processing of staking and reward distribution.

Core Features :star2:


The Save feature allows users to deposit funds into FFF and earn high yields. Currently, the platform supports USDT assets and offers a highly competitive Annual Percentage Yield (APY). With a 90-day APY of up to 28%, FFF outperforms other staking projects, making it an excellent option for staking idle assets. In future, more assets such as TON, NOT, BTC will be supported for staking.


The Redeem feature allows users to withdraw their funds and staking rewards at the end of the staking period. During the staking period, users can also view the details of their staked assets, including the amount staked, staking period, cumulative earnings, and maturity date.

Refer and Earn

In FFF, there is a dedication to providing users with the best experience and generous rewards. We have introduced the “Refer and Earn” feature to achieve this. By inviting friends to join FFF, users can earn additional rewards.


The dashboard page displays total assets, last 72 hours profit, and total profit, providing a comprehensive view of asset status and earnings.

How to Get Started :rocket:

1. Join FFF: Access FFF via Telegram bot( https://t.me/f3mainbot) or website( https://www.fafafa.io), then connect a wallet.
FFF supports a variety of wallets, including Wallet in Telegram, Tonkeeper, MyTonWallet, OpenMask, TON Hubz, DeWallet, Bitget Wallet, XTONWallet and TON Wallet.

2. Enter an Invitation Code: Reder a F3 user, earn credits that can be redeemed for exclusive awards.

3. Choose Save: Deposit assets in FFF.

Confirm the amount.

4. View Dashboard: Show total assets, total profits, and last 72-hour profits.

5. Refer and Earn: Share referral codes or links to invite friends and earn credits.

Conclusion :page_with_curl:

FaFaFa provides a reliable staking platform through its high security, sustainable income, convenient operations, and TON blockchain support. It addresses multiple issues users face in the staking process. Looking ahead, FaFaFa will continue to innovate, expand its ecosystem, reach a global user base, and build a strong community, moving forward towards a new era of trust, efficiency, and fairness in staking.

Contact Information :paperclip:

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