Unveiling DeDust: The Advanced DEX on TON Blockchain

Introduction to DeDust

DeDust is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange built natively on the TON Blockchain, featuring the innovative DeDust Protocol 2.0. It emphasizes user experience, gas efficiency, and extensibility.

Key Features

DeDust innovates DeFi on the TON Blockchain with several unique features:

  • Asset Concept: Moves beyond the traditional single asset type, using an abstraction layer that allows for seamless integration and swap of various asset types, including native coins and tokens from other chains.
  • Vault System: A set of contracts that manage different asset types, simplifying transactions and enabling efficient multi-hop swaps.
  • Pool Types: Offers both Volatile and Stable-Swap Pools, catering to different asset volatility and trading strategies.
  • Factory Contract: Responsible for creating pools and vaults, centralizing contract management.
  • Liquidity Deposit Contract: Temporarily manages liquidity deposits, enhancing transaction efficiency.


DeDust continually updates, enhancing its functionalities and offerings. The community is encouraged to engage through social media for the latest updates and features.