Unlocking Value Through Commitment: The TON Believers Fund


The TON (The Open Network) blockchain has introduced an innovative mechanism to strengthen its ecosystem and tokenomics through the TON Believers Fund, also known as The Locker. This initiative encourages users to lock their Toncoin (TON) into a dedicated smart contract, aiming to reduce circulating supply, enhance token stability, and reward long-term commitment.

TON Believers Fund Overview

The TON Believers Fund represents a strategic approach to engage the community and stabilize the token’s economy. By locking TON tokens into a smart contract for a fixed period, participants contribute to the network’s growth while gaining potential rewards. This initiative has garnered significant attention, amassing a substantial portion of the total TON supply.

Key Features and Operation

Feature Description
Locking Period 5 years total: 2 years of lockup followed by 3 years of vesting.
Reward Mechanism Participants earn rewards, with additional bonuses contributed by other users.
Contribution Deadline Deposits accepted until October 23, 2023.
Minimum Contribution 50 TON for both deposits and donations.
Participation Method Via direct wallet transactions to a specified address, with specific text comments for deposits (“d”) and donations (“r”).

Impact on TON Ecosystem

The success of the TON Believers Fund is evident in its substantial collection of over 1.3 billion TON, approximately 25% of the total supply. This initiative not only demonstrates the community’s support but also plays a crucial role in reducing circulating supply, potentially leading to an appreciation in TON’s price.

Participation Comparison

Method Requirement Comment Code Mode
Deposit Min. 50 TON “d” Bounceable (refund on typo)
Donation Min. 50 TON “r” Bounceable (refund on typo)

Support and Future Prospects

With the backing of the TON Foundation and the commitment of large holders and early miners, the TON Believers Fund has significantly contributed to the network’s stability and growth prospects. The locked TON tokens represent a substantial portion of the supply, underscoring the community’s belief in the project’s long-term value.


The TON Believers Fund is a testament to the strength and commitment of the TON community. By locking a significant amount of TON tokens, participants are not only supporting the network’s growth but also positioning themselves to benefit from potential token appreciation. This initiative marks a significant step towards achieving a more stable and transparent tokenomics, fostering confidence among current and prospective members of the TON ecosystem.

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