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Welcome to the Tongoku Project - a groundbreaking project built on the blockchain platform.
Today, we will explore the products and development roadmap of Tongoku. Stay tuned so you don’t miss any important information!

1. Introduction to Tongoku

Tongoku is a pioneering blockchain project aimed at creating a diverse and rich ecosystem that meets the needs of users worldwide. By combining advanced technology and creative ideas, Tongoku promises to bring many opportunities and exciting experiences to users.

2. Tongoku Roadmap

The development roadmap of Tongoku is divided into specific phases to ensure sustainable growth and provide the best value to the community.

Phase 1: Initiation

  • Release of the whitepaper and official website.

  • Building the community and social media channels.

Phase 2: Basic Development

  • Launch of the Launchpool platform for startup projects.

  • Integration of a transparent blockchain Lottery system.

Phase 3: Expansion and Innovation

  • Development of Automated Market Maker (AMM) for decentralized trading.

  • Introduction of unique NFT collections and related features.

Phase 4: Gamification and Incentives

  • Launch of blockchain games where users can earn rewards.

  • Organizing Airdrop and Share-to-Earn campaigns to increase community engagement.

3. Tongoku Products


Tongoku’s Launchpool provides opportunities for startup projects to raise funds from the community. Users can invest and gain profits from potential projects at an early stage.


Tongoku’s Lottery system ensures fairness and transparency by using blockchain technology. Users can participate and have a chance to win big prizes with a small investment.

AMM (Automated Market Maker)

Tongoku’s AMM allows decentralized trading with high liquidity and low transaction fees. Users can easily and quickly exchange assets.


Tongoku develops unique NFT collections, offering artistic value and investment potential. Users can buy, sell, trade, and own digital artworks on our platform.


Tongoku offers engaging blockchain games where users can earn rewards by participating. This system not only provides fun but also helps players earn additional income.

Airdrop and Share-to-Earn

Tongoku regularly organizes Airdrop campaigns, allowing users to receive free tokens. Moreover, the Share-to-Earn program encourages users to share the project with friends to earn rewards.

4. Conclusion

Tongoku is not just a blockchain project but a comprehensive ecosystem offering many values and opportunities to users. Follow and join us to become part of this technological revolution!

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