$TonZilla First Dragon On Ton ! Open League Application

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Once upon a time in the vast and mystical land of Ton, a token was born. A token like no other, a token that would soon become a legend in the Ton network. This token was TonZilla, the first Dragon of the network.

In the early days, when there was barely any volume in the Ton network, TonZilla stood strong. With a market cap of only $500, we pushed forward, never giving up on our dream of making TonZilla a reference in the Ton network.

What started as a meme soon grew into something more. Thanks to the community’s support, we created utilities like a trending channel, our very own BuyBot that we can offer to other projects, and an incredible Price bot that provides all the information you need with just a simple command.

From a humble beginning of $400 market cap, TonZilla has soared to an impressive $125k market cap. And this is just the beginning. Our community is strong and stable, holding up the floor and driving TonZilla to new heights.

Join us in the revolution of the first Dragon in the Ton network! :dragon::rocket: #TonZilla #TonNetwork #DragonToken

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Lp Full Burned :

Hey there! :t_rex: Have you heard about TonZilla? :rocket: It’s a super secure token because the team is a Holder just like you! :muscle: All the liquidity is added to the LP with all tokens burned. :fire: Check it out for yourself here: Transaction · 4268…ebbf :star2: TonZilla is the real deal! :rainbow: #TonZilla #SafeToken #CryptoFun :rocket::lock::fire:

How to buy $TZILLA

  1. Download the Tonkeeper wallet here https://tonkeeper.com/

  2. Bridge from any chain to TON using https://bridge.ton.org, Swap Smart & Save More With RocketX - The Best Crypto Exchange Platform or https://changenow.io or a CEX

  3. Swap TON for TONZILLA on https://app.ston.fi/ using our CA

CA- EQBclgq7OfUd4U528e7yo_HcdFY6Ertd8mxDRfWRCDxMQ_np


Trending Channel: Telegram: Contact @TrendingTonzilla

TonZilla’s trending Channel is a platform where we showcase tokens that have partnered with us for increased exposure :rocket:. Token owners looking to list their token on our channel must pay with Ton, which will be used for buybacks and marketing purposes :moneybag:. Join us in promoting and supporting the growth of the crypto community through our innovative platform! #TonZilla #crypto #partnerships :star2::chart_with_upwards_trend::fire:


We are excited to announce that TonZilla has developed our very own BuyBot :robot:, which is set to be the best and fastest in the ton network! :muscle:t3: Not only will it revolutionize our own project, but we are also offering it for use in any other projects within the network. :globe_with_meridians: #innovation #BuyBot #TonZilla


Hey there! :robot: Have you met TonZilla’s Price bot yet? It’s super easy to use and can be configured for any project. Just type “price” in the group chat and voila! You’ll get all the info you need, including a chart of the token. It’s like having a mini stock market right in your Telegram chat! Plus, our bots have ad space available for other projects to get more exposure. So why not give it a try and see what all the buzz is about? :rocket: #PriceBot #TonZilla #CryptoFun




I confirm that the data I have provided regarding the TonZilla project is completely accurate. If this is not the case, I understand that my subscription to the open League may be terminated.


Best drsgon on ton!!! Safe team, good investment!!

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One if the best Team ever in Ton Network. Trusted and recommended without doubt. This will fly soon! Fill your bags now and thank me later.

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First dragon coin on TON chain? It’s a guaranteed mooner, especially with such a hard working team :gem:

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