Tonutils Reverse Proxy: Simplifying TON Site Accessibility


Tonutils Reverse Proxy offers a straightforward solution for making websites accessible via the TON Network. This guide provides detailed instructions for installing and configuring the reverse proxy on various operating systems, ensuring your website is reachable through TON’s decentralized network. Whether you have a .ton or domain or prefer to use an .adnl domain, Tonutils Reverse Proxy facilitates seamless integration.

Installation on Linux

Step 1: Download

First, download the reverse proxy binary for Linux:

chmod +x tonutils-reverse-proxy-linux-amd64

Binaries for other operating systems are available on the release page.

Step 2: Run

To run with a .ton domain configuration, use the following command and follow the on-screen instructions:

./tonutils-reverse-proxy-linux-amd64 --domain your-domain.ton 

Upon execution, a QR code will appear in the terminal. Scan this code with Tonkeeper, Tonhub, or any other compatible wallet and complete the transaction to link your domain to your site.

Running Without a Domain

For a simpler setup without a .ton or domain, run the reverse proxy in simple mode to use an .adnl domain:


Step 3: Use

Your TON Site is now accessible through the specified ADNL address or domain. To modify settings, such as the proxy pass URL, edit the config.json file and restart the proxy. The default proxy pass URL is

The proxy introduces additional headers for enhanced functionality:

  • X-Adnl-Ip: The IP address of the client.
  • X-Adnl-Id: The ADNL ID of the client.

Installation on Other Operating Systems

For those using operating systems other than Linux, the reverse proxy can be built from source. Execute the ./ script and follow the Linux instructions for running the proxy. Note that a Go environment is required for building from source.


Tonutils Reverse Proxy simplifies the process of making websites accessible on the TON Network, offering a user-friendly approach to joining TON’s decentralized web. Whether you’re aiming to use a specific domain or operate anonymously with an ADNL address, this tool ensures your site is reachable within the TON ecosystem.