Tonutils Proxy: A Comprehensive Guide to Accessing the New Internet


Tonutils Proxy offers a seamless gateway to the TON blockchain network, enabling users to access Web3 sites alongside their traditional internet browsing. This document serves as a professional technical guide, detailing the features, installation, and usage of Tonutils Proxy across various platforms.

Features and Availability

Tonutils Proxy is a multi-threaded client proxy available for all platforms supporting UDP. It facilitates access to both Web3 sites hosted on the TON blockchain and traditional Web2 sites without requiring any configuration changes for the user’s internet connection or IP type.

The table below compares the availability and specifics of Tonutils Proxy across different platforms:

Platform Availability Interface Notes
macOS (M1) Precompiled GUI Optimized for Apple Silicon devices.
macOS (Intel) Precompiled GUI Supports Intel-based Mac devices.
Windows Precompiled GUI Compatible with Windows operating systems.
Linux Precompiled CLI Designed for command-line interface usage.
iOS Library Native Requires compilation with make build-ios-lib.
Android Library Native Requires compilation with make build-android-lib.


Tonutils Proxy can be directly downloaded for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Mobile applications can integrate Tonutils Proxy by using the provided libraries for iOS and Android, facilitating the development of apps that require access to the TON blockchain network.

Download Links

  • macOS (M1 and Intel): Available through the releases page.
  • Windows: GUI version available for download.
  • Linux: CLI version available for those preferring command-line interaction.
  • iOS and Android Libraries: Precompiled libraries are available, alongside community projects for Swift and Kotlin wrappers.

Community Contributions

The Tonutils Proxy community has contributed several projects to aid in the integration of the proxy into mobile apps, including a Swift wrapper for iOS and a Kotlin example for Android.


GUI Version

For users opting for the GUI version available on macOS and Windows, starting the proxy is as straightforward as clicking a button. The GUI version automatically configures the system proxy settings, allowing immediate access to TON sites.

CLI Version

For Linux users or those preferring command-line interaction, the CLI version offers detailed control over proxy settings. Running the proxy initializes an HTTP proxy server on, which can be manually configured in your browser’s network settings to enable access to .ton sites and traditional web pages alike.

Building from Sources

Tonutils Proxy can be built from sources for those who prefer to compile the software themselves. The CLI version requires no external dependencies beyond Go and the tonutils library, ensuring a straightforward compilation process.


Tonutils Proxy represents a significant advancement in the accessibility of Web3 sites on the TON blockchain, providing a user-friendly solution for both traditional and decentralized internet browsing. Through its support across multiple platforms and the provision of precompiled versions and libraries for mobile app integration, Tonutils Proxy stands as a versatile tool for the modern internet user.