TONSquare: Leading the Way in Decentralization and Cross-Chain Interoperability on TON

About us

TONSquare is a groundbreaking project with a bold goal of connecting different blockchain networks. TONSquare was created to bridge the gaps between these networks, aiming to build a smooth, secure, and strong system that boosts the use of decentralized applications (dApps) across various platforms

Key Features of TONSquare


TONSquare’s bridge technology enables secure communication between The Open Network (TON) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains. This unlocks new opportunities for decentralized applications and cross-chain transactions.

Network Rewards

Key holders earn $TOS tokens as rewards, which are given out based on node uptime, network health, and other performance measures. This reward system ensures that active participants are fairly compensated for their contributions

Security and Governance

TONSquare uses strong security measures, like advanced encryption and regular audits, to protect its network. A decentralized governance model ensures that decision-making is transparent and inclusive

Developer Ecosystem

TONSquare aims to attract a lively developer community by offering tools, documentation, and incentives that make building on the network easy

TONSquare Key

The TONSquare Key is a specialized non-fungible token (NFT) that serves as a mandatory license for operating a node within the TONSquare network. This NFT certifies a node’s eligibility to submit claims and collect rewards, integrating critical functions into the network’s framework

Add-on Access Key:

Key Holder Benefits

Bridge Fees: Key holders earn a portion of the fees generated from cross-chain transactions facilitated by the TONSquare bridge. This serves as an incentive for maintaining active participation in the network’s operations.

Gas Sharing: Participants also receive a share of the gas fees collected on the network, further aligning their interests with the overall health and activity of the network.

TONSquare Tokens ($TOS): Additionally, key holders are periodically eligible to receive $TOS tokens through minting mechanisms, airdrops, enhancing their stake and involvement in the network’s ongoing development.

TONSquare Testnet

TONSquare Testnet Configuration

TONSquare Testnet Guide

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Buying keys now would enable you to be part of the initial minting of $TOS tokens, each key will enable you to earn $TOS as if you are staking. There is also an on-going airdrop for wallets with 100+ TON, with a random airdrop value between 20k - 500k $TOS.

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