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TON Pixel

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TONpixel is the first community co-creation game on Ton, with its unique “create to earn” model.

Mine $P on TONPixel and participate in a series of airdrop events. We’re a bunch of passionate individuals about Pixel, and we’ll be rolling out a series of games and social apps centred around it. $P, our ecosystem token, features a capped total supply and a mining mechanism similar to Bitcoin, offering greater rewards to early participants.

Join the ranks of our community artists and participate in future TONPixel airdrop events by interacting with this colossal canvas. Whether you’re a cryptocurrency newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, it’s a great place to start. This game is sure to bring you unexpected fun and rewards. Start painting, start mining, start earning, and leave your mark in the history of cryptocurrency with TONPixel. Masterpiece by Millions.

Game Play Basics:

Step-by-Step Gameplay Overview:

  1. Enter the Game:

• Upon entering TON Pixel, players are greeted with an intuitive interface designed to enhance their creative experience.

  1. Select Brush Size and Color:

• Players can choose their desired brush size and color from a comprehensive palette. This selection allows for precision and variety in their artistic contributions to the canvas.

  1. Create Your Drawing:

• Using the selected tools, players draw their creations on the shared canvas. The platform encourages creativity and collaboration, with each pixel contributing to the larger collective artwork.

  1. Confirm Your Drawing:

• Once the drawing is complete, players click the “Confirm” button to finalize their contribution. This action submits the artwork to the canvas and calculates the earned $PTOKEN.

  1. Earn $PTOKEN:

• Upon confirmation, the amount of $PTOKEN earned is credited to the player’s account. The rewards are based on the number of pixels used and the quality of the contribution.

Success of TON Pixel

1. Impressive Launch

TON Pixel has only been live for one week, but it has already made significant strides in the gaming and crypto community.

2. Rapid User Growth

In the first week alone, the game attracted more than 7,000 users, showcasing its immediate appeal and the community’s enthusiasm for digital art and gaming on the TON blockchain.

3. Strong Social Media Presence

The game’s following on social media platform X has quickly grown to over 10,000 followers. This rapid growth in followers highlights the game’s popularity and the strong interest from the broader community.

4. Trending on Telegram

TON Pixel was trending under the new section of the Telegram App Store, reflecting its rapid adoption and the high level of interest from Telegram users.

5. Building a Strong Community

Despite being live for just a short period, TON Pixel has succeeded in building a strong and engaged community. This sense of community is crucial for the game’s ongoing success and user retention.

Benefits of Playing TON Pixel

  1. Creative Expression:

• TON Pixel provides a unique platform for users to express their creativity on a massive one-million-pixel canvas. Each player can contribute their art and see it become part of a larger, collaborative masterpiece.

  1. Earning Potential:

• Players earn $PTOKEN for placing pixels on the canvas, which can be used to purchase in-game items, upgrades, access exclusive content, and even receive premium support. The end goal is to list $PTOKEN on major exchanges like Binance, Bybit, and, providing real-world value to the tokens earned in-game.

  1. Community Engagement:

• The game fosters a strong sense of community by encouraging collaboration and interaction among players. Special events, challenges, and rewards help to keep the community engaged and motivated.

  1. Exciting Rewards:

• The Hidden Treasures event offers players the chance to find rare pixels and earn significant token rewards. Additionally, consistent participation can lead to even greater rewards through winning streak bonuses.

  1. Unique Gaming Experience:

• The combination of digital art, cryptocurrency rewards, and community engagement offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience that sets TON Pixel apart from other games.

Phase 1: Launch

• Official Game Launch: Introducing the first pixel-themed game in the TON ecosystem.

• Build Up the Artist Community

• List on Telegram App Center

Phase 2: Growth

• Community Engagement:

• Gameplay for Growth:

• Partnerships:

• Airdrop for Early Users and Contributors

• Token Listing on Major Exchanges

Phase 3: Ecosystem

• Introduction of Pixel-Style Games: Launch a series of pixel-style games to enhance $PTOKEN utility.

• Token Staking

• Collaboration with Other Projects

• Platform Revenue Share with $PTOKEN Holders

• Expand $PTOKEN Utility

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Token allocation:

  • Community mining 80%
  • Ecosystem Fund 8%
  • Development Team 5%
  • Initial Liquidity 2%
  • Market Incentives 5% (including advisors/KOLs, future pool collaborations, etc.).
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