Tonoreum PoW & PoL - Synergistic Platform for Client-Focused Blockchain Advertising

Tonoreum (TOR)
I’m excited to introduce a groundbreaking marketing tool leveraging the power of Proof of Link and Proof of Work algorithms. At Tonoreum, we’re building a vibrant community through a dynamic referral system. Join us and start mining free $TOR tokens by completing simple tasks daily on our mining panel. This innovative approach not only empowers our community but also significantly enhances exposure for our clients. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a revolutionary platform!.

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Tonoreum is a pioneering project built on the Telegram Open Network (TON), utilizing a unique combination of Proof of Link and Proof of Work algorithms. Its innovation lies in creating individual computational power, known as TOR Power, which enables users to mine TOR currency. This project integrates the functionalities of the Telegram app with advanced blockchain technology, marking a breakthrough in integrating communication and distributed ledger technologies. Users, by joining the TOR channel, not only gain TOR Power but also have the opportunity to increase it by referring new users, for which they receive power bonuses. Moreover, referred individuals start with their own TOR Power package and can continue the referral cycle, fostering rapid and organic network growth.

Tonoreum: A Synergistic Platform for Client-Focused Blockchain Advertising

Within the innovative framework of Tonoreum lies a transformative advertising platform designed for clients seeking to elevate the visibility of their projects and products. Tonoreum’s strategic approach integrates advertisement engagement directly into the cryptocurrency mining process, forging a novel pathway for digital marketing.

As a provider, Tonoreum introduces a series of daily tasks for miners—simple, swift, yet scalable. By completing these tasks, miners not only extend their mining sessions but also become conduits for promoting our clients’ offerings. This dual-benefit model serves to amplify our clients’ reach while enriching the miners’ experience and potential earnings.

The tasks, engineered to be user-friendly and efficiently integrated into the daily mining routine, will underpin a vast advertising network built upon the Tonoreum protocol. The scale of this network is poised to deliver expansive visibility for our clients, ensuring their projects resonate across a wide and engaged audience.

Participation in Tonoreum’s advertising network necessitates that clients purchase and subsequently ‘burn’ TOR tokens, thereby activating the marketing services. This requirement not only drives the utility and value of the TOR token but also aligns client investment directly with tangible advertising outcomes.

This innovative fusion of mining and marketing represents Tonoreum’s commitment to providing a full-spectrum blockchain solution. It not only incentivizes miners through a reward-rich ecosystem but also offers clients a captive audience for their marketing endeavors. Tonoreum’s model is set to redefine the landscape of blockchain-based advertising, fostering growth and visibility for clients while maintaining an enriching mining environment.

In summary Tonoreum’s dual-focus platform, highlight both the advertising opportunities for clients and the integrated rewards system for miners.

Mining in the Tonoreum project is an innovative process that combines elements of traditional cryptocurrency mining with social mechanics and gamification. It utilizes a unique algorithm that allows users to build and increase their computational power, known as TOR Power, through active interaction in the network and the Telegram platform. Every participant in Tonoreum starts with basic computational power, which can be increased in two main ways. The first is through recruiting new users via the referral system. Users receive a unique referral link to share. For each person who joins the Tonoreum project through this link, the referrer’s computational power increases by 75 units. Newly invited users not only gain a basic computational power of 100 units but also receive an additional bonus of 25 units, encouraging further network expansion. The second key aspect of the mining process in Tonoreum is the ability to earn rewards and increase computational power through special tasks and interactions within the DApp on Telegram.

This application offers users an intuitive graphical panel for managing their computational power, tracking mining statistics, and receiving rewards. Mining in Tonoreum is not limited to the technical aspect. It is a social process that requires building and maintaining an active user network. This approach not only stimulates the growth and development of the Tonoreum ecosystem but also promotes engagement and cooperation among participants. Moreover, through the gamification of the mining process, where users can acquire NFT boosters to increase TOR Power, the project introduces elements of fun and competition, making participation in the network more attractive and engaging.

In the Tonoreum project, TOR Power represents a unit of computational power that plays a key role in the process of mining rewards from blocks generated every 5 minutes. This mechanism allows users to earn rewards proportional to their share of the total computational power in the network. For example, if there are 10 miners in the network and the total computational power is 1000 TOR Power, a user with 100 TOR Power is entitled to receive 10% of the reward from each generated block. This is a fair and transparent way of distributing rewards, encouraging active participation and increasing computational power.

TOR Power can be increased by referring new users. Each person who joins the project through a referral link not only contributes to the network’s growth but also increases the referring user’s computational power by 75 units. New users start with 100 units of TOR Power, and by joining through a referral link, they receive an additional 25 units, giving them 125 units to start with. This structure encourages the building of one’s referral network and supports both new and existing users in enhancing their computational power.

To maintain activity and engagement in the network, Tonoreum introduced a mechanism for refreshing the mining session. Users must log into their graphical panel every 24 hours and refresh their mining session to maintain their computational power. Failure to log in results in a gradual decrease in computational power according to a specified schedule, leading to a progressive reduction in the ability to mine rewards. This procedure aims to encourage regular interaction with the project and eliminate inactive accounts.

The schedule for the decrease in power in case of failure to refresh the session is as follows:

    • After 24 hours, TOR Power will decrease by 5%.
    • After 48 hours, TOR Power will decrease by an additional 15%.
    • After 72 hours, TOR Power will decrease by another 30%.
    • After 96 hours, TOR Power will decrease by another 45%.
    • After 120 hours, TOR Power will decrease by another 60%.
    • After 144 hours, TOR Power will decrease by another 80%.
    • After 168 hours, TOR Power will decrease by 100%.

Tonoreum plans to introduce additional tasks within the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism, which will serve not only to renew mining sessions but also as a way to further increase computational power and rewards for active participants. This model ensures that the most active and engaged users are rewarded, fostering the building of a strong and active community around the project.

The Tonoreum project has implemented an advanced smart contract, which underpins the mechanism for TOR tokens. This smart contract releases new tokens every 24 hours based on the number of blocks generated during that period. Blocks are mined every 5 minutes, providing regular reward distributions, with each block releasing 364604.563656 $TOR.

An important aspect of the Tonoreum ecosystem is the halving mechanism, occurring every 30 days, which reduces the mining reward for a single block by 15%. This process helps manage inflation and enhances the value of the tokens as the supply of new tokens gradually decreases.

The smart contract is designed to enable the mining of up to 21 billion TOR tokens, establishing a deflationary token economy to increase value over time.

NFT Collection
The Tonoreum project introduces an innovative approach to using NFTs in the blockchain ecosystem, adding to its offering NFT collections that have a direct impact on the dynamics and mining capabilities of users. In the first phase, these unique digital assets will serve as boosters of computational power, TOR Power, offering users multipliers of x2, x4, x6, and x8. Importantly, acquiring these boosters will be possible through the mechanism of burning $TOR tokens, representing an interesting way to regulate the supply of tokens in circulation, while adding value and utility to the process of owning TOR tokens. Additionally, Tonoreum plans to expand the functionality of NFTs in subsequent project phases, introducing collections that will allow direct interactions with other currencies and integration with various blockchain networks.

Such development of the NFT collections will open new opportunities for users related to cross-chain transactions and acquiring various digital assets, increasing interoperability in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The integration of NFTs as boosters of computational power and tools for cross-chain interactions not only distinguishes Tonoreum from other blockchain projects but also introduces a new level of gamification and user engagement. As a result, participants in the Tonoreum ecosystem not only have a direct impact on their mining capabilities and economic potential but can also actively participate in the evolving world of cryptocurrencies, exploring new networks and acquiring a variety of assets. This innovative model introduces an additional layer of involvement and investment in the project, favoring the long-term development and stability of the Tonoreum ecosystem.

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