🎉 TONMinutes: First Game Available for Testing!

Dear TON community members,

We are pleased to announce that our first game has been released on the TONMinutes project, which can now be tested!

:warning: Please note that the game runs on the testnet. All transactions on the main network will not count towards the game… but maybe not :wink:.


How to start playing?
Sorry for the omission. Here’s the exact procedure to start playing:

  • Create a TON wallet on testnet. Please make sure that your TON wallet is on testnet.

  • Get test TON coins for this use the bot @testgiver_ton_bot.

  • Buy a ticket for 1 test TON which will give you access to the gaming session.

  • Launch the game after receiving the ticket

  • Start playing and for 10 minutes try to score as many points as possible, restarting the game as many times as you like.

Join us and become part of the exciting world of TONMinutes! We are sure you will like it.

:speech_balloon: Leave your reviews and share your impressions!

What is TONMinutes?
We are a team of two people actively working in the hyper-casual games genre. We carefully monitor the development of the gaming industry and, of course, are interested in blockchain and its capabilities. The idea of ​​creating Play2Earn games has long attracted our attention, and after studying many similar projects, we noticed that many of them are basic games with minimal adaptations to the blockchain, created only to promote the game token.

Our goal is to create something truly fun and useful for players.

TONMinutes game series
TONMinutes is not just one game, but a series of games where the goal is to score the maximum number of points in 10 minutes. It all starts with the fact that the player must receive a ticket to participate in the gaming session.

The ticket price is $45, which is about the average price for a new game. We will also be giving away tickets through competitions and giveaways, which you can learn about in future posts.

Once the game starts, you will have 24 hours to start your gaming session and achieve a high score within 10 minutes. We will reveal the game shortly before the start of each session. In most cases, these will be endless games, no more complex than Flappy Bird. You can restart the game as many times as you like within 10 minutes and improve your score. The highest score will be listed on the leaderboard along with your wallet and ticket ID. Based on your position on the leaderboard, you will receive rewards that will vary from session to session.

Join us and become part of the exciting world of TONMinutes! We are sure you will like it.

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