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Project’s Name: TON Map

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Telegram: Contact @thetonmap
Telegram: Contact @tonmap_fam

Project’s Metrics

– can be tracked/proved here, according to the pre-sale data: UQBy…I8Mb · Tonviewer
→ We are on testnet now, will launch in May!

Current traction:

  1. UAW (unique active wallets) for the last month - 112
  2. MAU and DAU - 112
  3. N of tx for the last month - 112
  4. Retention D1, D7, D14 - 112

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johanga ; Max

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@johanga_n ; @nearpunk

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Our Hackathon application is here: TON Map | Buidls | DoraHacks

The TONmap project introduces an innovative concept combining a map and an app, inspired by the success of . By adding TON, accessibility to millions of Telegram users, competitive elements, and modern ideas, TONmap aims to create a lasting impact and offer the opportunity to mine a meme coin.

Each pixel on the TONmap canvas is priced at 1 TON and comes with coordinates, a sequential number, an image, a description, and the owner’s wallet or Telegram username. This allows users to customize their display and showcase their territory on the main TON/Telegram map.

The project serves as a vast advertising platform for projects and individuals in the TON and Telegram ecosystems, offering continuous advertisement on the website, map, and mini-app. It follows the legacy of while embedding itself in the history of blockchain.

:heavy_check_mark: Each pixel, besides being priced at 1 TON, has coordinates (999x999), a sequential number (0 - 999 999), an image, a description, the wallet or Telegram username of the owner, and a link. All of this is publicly accessible on the map to every visitor. You can customize what to display.

:heavy_check_mark: The buying process is extremely simple. Connect your wallet => Buy button => Select one or multiple pixels => Confirm the transaction.

:heavy_check_mark: Now, on the main TON/Telegram map, you have your place, your land, your advertising space, and a place for self-expression. And, of course, access to the full functionality of our Mini-app in Telegram.

:heavy_check_mark: Everyone will have the opportunity to showcase their territories, the most exquisite and rare pixels, and simply the status of the most successful NFT owner on TON.

The conceptual aspects of the project:

  • A vast advertising platform for projects and people in TON and Telegram (advertisement on the website, on the map, in the mini-app, continuously, for years).
  • A significant experiment; owning a pixel is prestigious. You can receive discounts on goods and bonuses from partners.
  • Embed yourself in the history of blockchain.
  • Your personal corner/metaverse in TON.
  • You can buy now, and sell later with conversion to NFT.
  • Every pixel owner will be able to mine a coin within the application with bonuses.
  • Bridge to onboard TON users on Near through Punks


The mission of TONmap is to provide users with a massive advertising platform, leaving a lasting mark in history for both the project and each user, while spreading TON to the masses.

The project engages users through activities such as referral programs, coin claims, completing tasks, boosting cities, and renting out pixels.


  • Referral for coins, which can be exchanged for TON (10%).
  • Coin claims once every N hours, which will receive liquidity from TON staking and USDT.
  • Completing tasks for coins.
  • Boosting cities (channels) and their movement to the top.
  • Renting out your pixels.
  • Other activities under development.


Tokenomics involves coin farming, voting for denominations, and token rollout, with a portion of the funds allocated to staking mechanisms. At least 50% of the proceeds from pixel sales will be invested back into the ecosystem.

The plan is to release approximately 50,000 - 100,000 TON for token liquidity (assuming all pixels are sold). Additionally, a significant portion of the funds will be allocated to various staking mechanisms to ensure a consistent flow of funds into token liquidity and project development.

Target audience: Telegram and TON users, who want to advertise their project on the canvas, or inscribe themselves into history

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