Tonkey v1 Retires Gracefully

Embrace Tonkey v2’s Successful Operation for an Enhanced Experience!

Dear Tonkey users,

We’re excited to announce that Tonkey v2 is now operating smoothly! With this significant achievement, it’s time for Tonkey v1 to gracefully step aside, paving the way for a new era of enhanced features and smoother functionality.

In our relentless pursuit of providing the best possible experience for our users, we’ve diligently addressed all the anticipated issues present in Tonkey v1, ensuring a seamless transition to Tonkey v2. Your satisfaction and security remain our top priorities, and we’re confident that Tonkey v2 will exceed your expectations.

The transition to Tonkey v2 is scheduled for March 31st, and we encourage all our users to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade. To facilitate this process, we’ve outlined simple steps below:

  1. Check your Tonkey V1 Assets: Please first check if there is a balance on Tonkey v1. If there is no balance, it means you have never used Tonkey v1! This update will not cause any problems.
  2. Create a New Multisig Wallet: Visit to create your new Multisig wallet on the tonkey v2 platform. This step is crucial to ensuring the security and integrity of your assets.
  3. Transfer Assets: Once your new Multisig wallet is set up, proceed to and initiate the transfer of your assets to the newly created wallet on Tonkey v2. Rest assured, our team is here to assist you every step of the way, should you encounter any difficulties during this process.

We understand that change can sometimes be daunting, but we’re confident that the transition to Tonkey v2 will be a smooth and rewarding experience for all our users. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Tonkey. We look forward to serving you better with Tonkey v2!

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