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BOT : Telegram: Contact @TonkSniperTON_bot

Users: 4,679

Total Volume in TON: 48,100.381

Lifetime tx’s: 3,417

Paid in refferals to users: 351 TON

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$TONK An entire ecosystem for traders on $TON and the first multichain influencer marketplace based on onchain data in history.

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Love this project❤️
Amazing hardworking reliable Team​:rocket::rocket::rocket:


I credit TONK to introduce me to TON ecosystem. TONK team is working non stop adding more utilities to the bot and making trading on TON chain simpler. This project is destined for greatness as the team is simply outstanding.


The first of its kind innovation even on other chains made only by the hardworking $tonk team…

This will solve a million dollar problem especially for developers.

A promising idea that will help ton ecosystem for sure.


Everything TONK has accomplished (so far) is amazing. Setting a strong foundation for the project and always updating the members in full transparency is a must in a newer project. They have delivered more than most. To the point that some projects have already copied some utilities. That’s speaks volume.


Congratulation for your work. You deserve to access.
You are making an important contribution to ton chain

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Tonk Sea very useful and much needed channel


Just like @NFT_DEV , my starting point into TON was through TONK :dart:
Amazing devs with a relentless drive to keep pushing things further! Great utilities for safe travel in the ecosystem
Hats off, gentlemen! :tophat: