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BOT: Telegram: Contact @GetTonGifts_Bot
MINIAPP: Telegram: Contact @GetTonGifts_Bot
Channel: Telegram: Contact @tongiftsnews
Group: Telegram: Contact @tongiftschat

Project’s Metrics

  1. Telegram Bot Users: 51,160
  2. DAU: 6,916 MAU: 34,755
  3. N of tx for the last month:
    Telegram Wallet Pay TXN: 1,579
    Telegram Wallet Users: 1,188
    TON TXN: 569
    TON Wallet Users: 458
  4. Retention D1, D7, D14.
    D1 40.7%
    D7 43.4%
    D14 87.8%
    (Note: The retention rates for D1, D7, and D14 may appear unusual due to a significant increase in new users recently, which has impacted the data.)

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please contact @amarLayiis

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Upcoming Plans:

  1. Open Wallet Binding Feature:
    Currently, we primarily encourage users to use Telegram Wallet for payments. Moving forward, we will encourage users to bind their wallets for enhanced wallet interactions.
  2. Support for More Jetton Tokens:
    We plan to expand our support to include more Jetton tokens, collaborating with additional project partners.
  3. Expand On-Chain Interaction Play:
    We will introduce on-chain contract interactions such as check-ins and registrations, aiming to increase the number of on-chain transactions.

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