Tondigger battle league

LP LOCK - Ton Raffles

Team wallet - UQDLBUdIyTSXCm42WelYPkxJTkpSfopQevCCs07fSvTdlQH-

  • RoadMap

Q2 2024

Creating a community

Creating an NFT GPU design


Start Mining DGR to Telegram Mini app

Listing DGR STON.Fi

Q3 2024

Verification DGR to

Launch DEX Digger

Launch Digger Launchpad

Launch Digger Lock


In-app marketplace or DApp browser

  • PleasOpen League Season 4.
  • Aleksandr
  • (@myr2021)
  • Telegram: Contact @Ton_Digger_Bot
  • Any other links or details that you want to share
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Hello team,

Thank you for taking the time to apply for The Open League.

After a thorough review, we must inform you that, unfortunately, your project does not meet our current eligibility criteria. You can find them through this link: About the Token & Memecoin Battle category

Once your project aligns with these criteria, please feel free to resubmit your application for the future seasons.

We look forward to seeing your application again in the future.

Thank you.