is a platform for advertising on the TON network is a platform for advertising on the TON network.
Just send 0.1 TON with a comment and your comment will immediately appear on the site.

With a convenient and simple process, provides a great way to advertise.

is our official channel where you will find updates and support.

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Join us and advertise your products!

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Держи хвост пистолетом!

:laughing: Держу пистолетом !)))

Update! is an easy way to get your message out to a wide audience.

Messages posted with more than 1 TON will be located above!


1.Send a minimum of 0.1 TON to the address:
toncoinwall.ton or
2.In the comment field, enter the text of your message.

Your message will be automatically published on our site and will be available to all visitors!

Visit us at and see what others are already publishing!

All comments will now be published in the Telegram channel @toncoinwall and on the website

A little update!
Updated the design, became a little more beautiful and adaptive!

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