$tonald - tonald trump

TONALD TRUMP ($TONALD) (3.5m Market Cap)

Project Twitter: x.com

Project Telegram: Telegram: Contact @TONALD_TRUMP

Project Description:

$TONALD Trump merges the vibrant energy of MAGA culture with the advanced technology and ethos of Telegram’s TON blockchain. More than just a digital currency, $TONALD is designed to support Pavel Durov’s vision of freedom, privacy, and community engagement.

Holders of $TONALD have exclusive access to participate in meme-related activities, acquire unique physical merchandise, and own limited-edition NFTs. This opportunity not only helps to grow the community but also provides our token holders with a genuine stake in the evolving ecosystem. By integrating entertainment, technology, and community-driven initiatives, $TONALD stands as a unique bridge between narrative and blockchain innovation.

Token Distribution: The team currently holds roughly 7% of circulating supply

LP = 100% Burnt


Over the next 6-12 months, the Tonald Team aims to significantly enhance the Ton ecosystem and provide substantial value to its investors. Tonald is not just a meme; we are committed builders on the Ton blockchain, delivering value beyond technology. Our goal is to unite two narratives: MAGA and the “Digital Resistance.”

AI Bot

We’ve already launched phase 1 of our roadmap, introducing a custom Tonald AI bot in our Telegram group. The “/Tonald” bot emulates the real Donald Trump, allowing you to converse with it as if you were talking to Trump himself. Give it a try here (Telegram: Contact @TONALD_TRUMP).


Our NFTs will be distributed across 10 different collections in which we dedicate 100% of proceeds from sales to 10 different organizations chosen by our community. Just to name a few, this will include the Trump presidential campaign, the National Veterans Foundation, Homes for Our Troops, & The Fisher House Foundation. Our website will be updated weekly to reflect the total amount donated.

Every NFT purchase will come with a “TON Blue” colored MAGA hat shipped directly to you!

We are also developing our own mint function, allowing you to purchase NFTs directly with your $TONALD tokens.

Staking - Tonald DAO

We will implement a staking feature that enables you to stake your NFTs and earn $TONALD tokens. Stakers will gain access to our community voting mechanism for various topics.

The Apprentice Show

We plan to host a spin-off of Trump’s “The Apprentice” show on a weekly Twitter Space. The show will feature both existing projects and new initiatives looking to build on TON. A panel of hosts will interview the participants, ultimately selecting one winner. The winner will receive a monetary prize and a spot in our incubator program, designed to help projects grow.

The Tonald DAO will be used to elect the winner of each week’s show.

Tonald Bot

We have a fully functional sniper bot ready to deploy. However, our immediate priority is to grow our community and solidify our position within the TON ecosystem. Once we launch the bot, 50% of the profits from trading fees will be donated to the previously mentioned organizations, while the remaining 50% will be shared with our holders as revenue share.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build and innovate!

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CA: EQCX_vSR8q0OSN74_BSq_ZieLZuNGx7wt0sXq1t5EI0q2SRI

Website: https://tonald.vip/

Name: Larry
Telegram: @larrythewhale
Twitter: x.com

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We need TONALD in the open league!


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