Ton4you trading option platform

I’m working on creating a trading project on the TON platform. At the moment, we already have a ready-made application, and we plan to conduct a presale of our own trading coin.

Our project offers liquid trading options for cryptocurrency with the best conditions, as well as popular meme coins with DEX. The project will implement a system of referrals and squads. There are 2 types of options planned:
1- the so-called binary options, i.e., any strike above the entry zone over time. A drop program for points will also be carried out for them.
2- according to Black-Scholes, i.e., classic options with online purchase/sale calculation.

Unlike other projects where the claim mechanic is reduced to simply pressing a button, our project offers real trading mechanics and user interaction with trading without risk. Users will be able to open trades for free every 12 hours on three instruments. For successful trades, they will receive conditional +100 points, and for unsuccessful ones, -70 points. These points will then be converted into presale tokens.

Presale tokens will be used to trade options on popular pairs of meme tokens on TON, which cannot be shorted on DEX for technical reasons. Our coin will not be a dummy, as it will be supported by the platform and in constant circulation. Further development and the addition of new features on the platform are planned.

The beta version of the application is available at the link: Telegram: Contact @ton4you_bot

We will also have a squad system to increase user engagement: points will be awarded depending on the number of participants in the squad, as well as contests for the best trader of the week and other events. Users will be able to trade without investments and check their market forecasts daily.

Real trading of instruments for TON is already available. Bets are limited to 1 TON per position until the end of the presale and airdrop program.

I have been trading in the market since 2011 and have experience working with various brokers and instruments. I understand what users need from the platform: good spreads, quality execution of conditions, and interesting instruments. At the moment, there are no quality and simple options on TON, so I intend to correct this situation. The project is designed for the long term.

I am considering proposals for cooperation and advertising.

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Amazing concept, easy to use because of telegram/TON

If you need any funding/backing to this and have a plan, please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or telegram.


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