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Token Name

STARS (Ton Stars)

Please describe your project and token utility

  • The Ton Vegas app (casino) where you can bet and play with the STARS token (already exists).
  • A platform with a buy bot that we can customize as we wish, with the option to buy it ad-free using the STARS token (already exists).
  • A platform with a bot for collecting Telegram channels from our partners and placing ads on them in exchange for payment in the STARS token (currently in development).
  • Play-to-earn games (planned for the future).
  • Trading applications on the TON network (planned for the future).

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

Stage 1: Commencement of planning and construction of the elite Ton Stars club.

  • Phase 1 marketing.
  • Creation of the first TonVegas application.
  • FairLaunch on TonRaffles.
  • Announcement of the Zealy campaign for $STARS airdrop.
  • Announcement of the development of the BuyBot on the Ton network.
  • Announcement of the upcoming TonStars NFT collection.
  • Acquisition of media partners and advisors.
  • Listing on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap,, Moontock, and other platforms.

Stage 2: Expansion and development of the TonStars ecosystem.

  • Phase 2 marketing.
  • Airdrop for the Top 100 launchpad participations.
  • Development of the TonStars ecosystem.
  • Building a strong international community of the TonStars elite club in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • Official premiere of the BuyBot.
  • Casino development and addition of additional games.
  • Announcement of the development of new tools.
  • Start of building TonStars Ad - a promotional portal operating on Telegram built on the TON Network.
  • Showcase of samples from our upcoming NFT collection.
  • Establishing further collaborations and introducing tokens of our partners into the TonStars ecosystem.
  • Creation of TonWood - our alley of stars on the TON network.

Stage 3: Expansion of the ecosystem and introduction of new features for the TonStars community.

  • Phase 3 marketing.
  • Release of our collection.
  • Development of the TonStars club and presentation of the benefits of being its member.
  • Airdrop for the Zealy campaign.
  • Development of the TonStars AD advertising platform and our products: TonVegas, StarsBuyBot, and other applications that will emerge.
  • Introduction of a voting system for club members, enabling them to decide on the direction of the TonStars ecosystem’s development.
  • Announcement of the second NFT collection for early investors and individuals who supported us from the beginning and did not sell their tokens in the first month after launch. Additionally, this collection will be received by the most deserving members of the TonStars Elite Club.
  • Premiere of our new tools.
  • Continuation of development at the elite club, development of TonWood.

Stage 4: Continuation of the development of the TonStars ecosystem and introduction of new features and products.

  • Phase 4 marketing.
  • Development of the TonStars ecosystem and our products, creation of new tools.
  • Announcement of all the utilities of being a member of the elite TonStars club.
  • Expanded TonStars AD platform.
  • Development of TonVegas and release of new games.
  • The largest airdrop in TonStars history for TonStars club members.

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