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Ton Stars ( STARS )

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Project Description:
Ton Stars is a project on the TON network that provides advanced tools and games, creating the Ton Stars Elite Club community. Our ecosystem is based on the use of a specially created token, which will be used for fees on the TonAds platform, games in TonVegas, and will bring additional discounts on our tools. In the future, we also plan to introduce a voting system for our community, allowing users to decide on the next steps in the project’s development.

Token Utility:

  • Fees on the TonAds advertising platform
  • Games in the TonVegas mini-app
  • Additional discounts on our tools when paying with the token

Please provide detailed information on your token distribution, especially indicating the % of token supply held by the team and the status of the team’s LP tokens
Fairlaunch (36%)
DEXs listing (16.524%)
Marketing (15%)
Ecosystem (10%)
Development (7.476%)
Team (5%)
AirDrop (5%)
Advisors (5%)

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

  • Launch staking in collaboration with our partner
  • Release an updated version of the buybot with trend functionality
  • First NFT collection release
  • Implement a raidbot compatible with the TON network
  • Develop a volume bot for projects on TON
  • Update the TonAds platform, introducing artificial intelligence elements for channel and statistics evaluation
  • Expand the categories on the TonAds platform to include not only the crypto world but also other categories such as science, beauty, entertainment, etc.
  • Release a second NFT collection
  • Enhance the graphics of the TonVegas mini-app and expand roulette features
  • Introduce a community voting system, allowing users to decide on further steps and development tools

Additional Initiatives:
Focus on developing tools that will be the main utility of the project
TonVegas mini-app as an additional form of entertainment and luck testing

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Ethan Stars

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