TON Sharks NFT collection

NFT Battle Application: TON Sharks

Project Name: TON Sharks

Project Telegram Channel: Telegram: Contact @pixeltemple

Project Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @sharks_community

NFT Collection: TON Sharks

NFT Collection Details:

Total Number of NFTs: 3333

Number of Unique Holders: 1372

Total Trading Volume in $TON: 41 000

Floor Price: 12 $TON

Additional Statistics:

Avg. owned: 2.42

Unique Holders: 41.16%

TON Sharks Collection Description:

TON Sharks is the community-driven NFT collection on the TON blockchain. Launched in 2022, it quickly became one of the most popular and recognizable collections, thanks to its unique lore, active community, and excellent growth.

Statistics and Growth Proof:

The chart demonstrates a stable sales dynamics of the collection on the secondary market.

In the last year, the number of holders has increased by 36,6%, reaching 1372.

The average number of NFTs per owner decreased from 3.31 to 2.76, demonstrating the collection’s stability.

Since launch, holders have received airdrops and bonuses worth over $30,000 USD, and the number of retrodrops received is countless. The floor price started from 1 $TON now fairly stable at 12 $TON, showing a tendency for further growth. All that happened even during the bear market.

Key Achievements:

TON Sharks is a prime example of a community-driven collection, where holders themselves shape the new culture of the TON NFT space.

The collection enjoys genuine respect and recognition from other NFT projects, and holders regularly receive airdrops.

TON Sharks continued to develop even during the bear market, demonstrating unwavering commitment to its community.

Smart Contract Address: EQD3Ho_9KoqjSmNzfKorctLvTVabn9U_BqnjIPq17SlLs_9H
Name: Pixel God
Telegram: @realsharkgod

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