TON RPC Node provider

GetBlock , is a leading provider of blockchain node services for more than 50 networks, including its support to TON blockchain nodes . This integration enables users to choose between shared and dedicated nodes, with the option for custom-developed node clusters.

What This Means for Web3 Developers
Web3 developers can utilize TON nodes through GetBlock to innovate and develop with 24/7 support, reducing the stress and costs associated with blockchain development. Whether it’s for prototyping with shared nodes or scaling with dedicated nodes, GetBlock offers resource-efficient solutions tailored to meet each project’s unique needs.

Connect with GetBlock
Discover how you can leverage TON nodes for your projects by visiting GetBlock.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain space.


i think this start up is good job

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hello there, this is scam link, or what?

here’s a link that works TON RPC: Free API Endpoints for Connect to Nodes |

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not sure what’s with the link above, but it should lead to this page
Fell free to share your user id and I’ll add free RPC requests for testing

Nice! It’s good to hear about more and more RPC endpoint support in TON.

  • Is there any way we can expand or enable more data types or sources of on-chain data?

  • Is there a Telegram chat for developers who are having issues with the getBlock API, specifically for TON-related questions?

Also, here is my guide for RPC endpoints, feel free to add more:

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Not sure I got your question, but we didn’t emerge as just another RPC endpoint in TON. We are an RPC endpoint FOR TON (a node provider)
We have a discord channel where you can ask any TON related question in the dev chat or create a ticket and get an answer from out tech support.

Thank you for adding us to your provider list, we will announce that on our socials.