TON Research V1.2 Update Announcement

Dear TON Research Community,

We are thrilled to announce the release of TON Research V1.2. This update brings significant improvements and new features designed to enhance your experience and interaction within our thriving blockchain community.

Current Status

As the TON blockchain ecosystem continues to grow, so does our community. We’ve reached a new milestone with a record single-day visitor count of 35,000 and an average daily visitor number of 19,000. This incredible engagement drives us to further enhance our platform.

Bug Fixes and System Upgrades

Updated Email Infrastructure

  • Initial System Limitations and Upgrade: Originally, our forum system notifications were managed through a personal Gmail account, [email protected]. Due to a significant increase in user activity, this setup became insufficient, leading to its outage on April 1st.
  • Transition to Enterprise-Level Email: To enhance reliability and accommodate growing demands, we upgraded to an enterprise-grade Google account, [email protected], on April 1st. However, we encountered further capacity issues, resulting in another outage on April 13th.
  • Deployment of Large-Scale Enterprise Email System: To ensure continuous service and handle our expanding user base more effectively, we have now implemented a large-scale enterprise email system. As of April 19th, all system communications are being sent from [email protected], marking a significant step in our commitment to operational excellence and professionalism.


  • Optimized Twitter Reposting Process: We’ve refined the automation process for reposting on our Twitter handle @ton_research, making sure our latest updates and discussions are shared timely with the broader community.

  • Optimized Telegram Channel Reposting Process: Similarly, our Telegram channel @tonresear_ch has seen improvements in automation, ensuring seamless updates and engagement with our audience.

New Plugins Introduction

To enrich your forum experience, we are introducing several new plugins, which will be activated progressively:

  • Discourse Docs: This plugin (link) allows us to manage and organize documentation efficiently, making it easier for you to find and access technical resources.

  • Discourse Gamification: Engage more deeply with the community through our new gamification plugin (link). Earn badges, and points, and climb the leaderboard by participating in discussions and contributing valuable content.

  • Discourse Graphviz: This addition (link) enables the visualization of graphs directly within posts, enhancing the presentation and understanding of complex data and workflows.

  • Discourse Math: For those who require precise mathematical expressions, the Discourse Math plugin (link) supports rendering of LaTeX and other math formats.

  • Discourse Topic Voting: With the Topic Voting plugin (link), you can now vote on topics you believe need more attention, driving more focused and productive discussions.

  • Google Perspective: To maintain a respectful and constructive discussion environment, this plugin (link) will help in identifying and mitigating toxic comments, ensuring our community remains welcoming for all members.

Looking Forward

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing a robust platform for discussion, collaboration, and development in the TON blockchain ecosystem. We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm.

Thank you for being an integral part of TON Research. We look forward to seeing how these new features will enhance your interactions and contributions to our community.

Warm regards,

The TON Research Team