TON Play: The GameFi launchpad for the TON blockchain


TON Play is leveraging blockchain technology to transform gaming monetization, focusing on mobile and browser games. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for seamless payment transactions, efficient payouts, and the creation of in-game marketplaces.

Key Features

  • Global Pay-in Solutions: Facilitates worldwide payments, enabling in-game tournament fees and reducing traditional payment processing hurdles.
  • Instant Payouts: Simplifies the distribution of winnings, making blockchain an ideal solution for international payouts.
  • In-Game Marketplace: Supports the creation of official game marketplaces to combat black market sales and ensure developers earn rightful revenues.
  • Special Event and Battle Passes: Offers blockchain-based solutions for selling event passes and battle passes, enhancing game monetization.
  • Player Retention and Engagement: Uses blockchain to incentivize player engagement with tradeable in-game items and rewards.


TON Play introduces an innovative approach to game development and monetization through blockchain. By integrating with Telegram and utilizing TON’s blockchain capabilities, it opens new avenues for revenue, increases ARPU, and enhances player engagement. Its low-code solutions simplify blockchain adoption, offering a strategic advantage for game developers in the competitive Web3 space.

I’d love to know if there are any particularly fun games on this platform.
Do you have any game recommendations?