TON Penguins - The All-in-One NFT Community for Your TON Chain Adventures

Ton Penguins

What is TON Penguins?

TON Penguins is an All-in-One NFT Community for Your TON Chain Adventures.
Each blockchain has its iconic NFT projects (such as Ethereum’s CryptoPunks and BAYC, Solana’s SBM and Degods), and we aim to become the iconic NFT project of the TON chain.

How are we achieving this goal?

We actively gather user feedback and develop tools and protocols to enhance user experience in TON chain adventures.
These include bots, Play-to-Earn, DeFi, and a launch platform for memecoin and NFT.

About the NFT Collection

Each TON Penguins NFT is randomly generated from 82 elements, it can create over 2,807,112 unique penguins.
The total supply of collections will be announced before minting, without keeping everyone waiting for long.

What benefits do NFT holders enjoy?

Fee Discounts.
$NOOT Token Airdrops.
Voting Rights.
Platform Fee Revenue.

About the team

Our team consists of experienced Web3 OGs who have participated in the early building of other chains.
It’s either go big or go home.

About the Roadmap

Our roadmap will be announced before minting. Please stay tuned as we have a well-planned journey ahead.

Although we’re just getting started, we’ve already surpassed the majority of NFT projects. Our website is live with several features released: Mass-Sender, Coinflip, WalletGenerator, ILCalculator, and more interesting features are on the way.

We’re well-prepared and if you’re up for an exciting adventure on the TonChain, join us now. NFT whitelist is open to early OG.

Social Link: Website TG Twitter

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