Ton Oracle is an free app for monitoring your wallet assets

Welcome to the TON Oracle project thread

Ton Oracle is a powerful mini application and bot designed to track price changes in the asset market, offering users real-time updates on their investment portfolios and NFTs. This tool is particularly beneficial for managing volatile assets like shields or meme tokens, providing crucial information to help users make informed investment decisions.

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Bot - Telegram: Telegram: Contact @tonoracle_bot

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Ton Oracle Core Functions:

Market price monitoring:
The platform monitors the prices of various assets in real time.
DEX and blockchain data are used

Portfolio health analysis:
The platform analyzes the current value of the user’s assets.
Key financial metrics such as total portfolio value, gains or losses over a certain period, and potential market entry and exit points are calculated.

Flexible notifications of significant changes in asset values directly to your Telegram, allowing you to react quickly to changes in the market. Across all your assets.

Report generation:
The platform generates daily portfolio status reports.
The reports contain data on the current value of assets, changes over the past day, and recommendations for possible actions (e.g. selling or buying assets).
News feed from major channels and resources outside Telegram:
The ability to monitor news without the need to subscribe to a resource and go to various networks such as, reddit, etc.

P.S. The project is under development, we will be glad to have your feedback. Yes we know that everyone is afraid to connect their wallet, so in the near future will be available to use the function without connecting.


So let’s take a look on real usecase:

We think most people using the oracle have not yet seen its real potential.

We want to share one of the cases of one of our users.

At 10:25, the price of the $MMM token increased by 3600%

At 10:31 a notification about this arrived in the bot @tonoracle_bot

(look on screenshots)

We know we were a little late, but our user managed to sell the token in x300 from his purchase😀

Снимок экрана 2024-05-30 в 16.25.44

In the future update, notifications will come much faster

Check updates here Telegram: Contact @tonoracle_app