Ton Inu $TINU - utility meme coin

Project Name: Ton Inu $TINU

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Project’s Telegram channel/group: Group: Telegram: Contact @toninutools Channel: Telegram: Contact @TonInuAnnoucement

Link to the token’s page on Re:doubt and/or DYOR

Your name: Andrew

Your Telegram handle: @toninuadv

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dApp $TINU:
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Locker LP/Jetton:
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Telegram Mini App: Telegram: Contact @TonInuBot
Trending TON: Telegram: Contact @TonINU_Trending
Detector TON: Telegram: Contact @toninudetector


$TINU Metrics

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TINU is top project in Ton ecosystem

Tinu the number one meme/utility coin on TON!

Can someone from TON explain why $TINU has not been added yet?

Cause looking at other jettons that joined the league already, it is really weird.

Tinu is the most valuable hidden gem in TON ecosystem

Congrats on being approved to join The Open League Season 1. We hope to see your good performance and fair competition!