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The Hydra Coin project offers users a unique opportunity to earn passive income from liquidity pools. Hydra Coin mechanics developed by the team is characterized by simplicity and accessibility, which makes it suitable for a wide range of investors, including beginners. A special feature of Hydra Coin is its ability to be self-sustaining, which ensures the long-term stability and sustainability of the project.


  • 85% are frozen on smart contracts for 2 years. These coins will reward ~50 major liquidity pools on TON in the future.
  • ~12% are already allocated to boosters for 64 liquidity pools.This video lists all 64 pools.

NOTE: Coins are distributed exclusively through the mechanism of boosts on DEX exchanges. On the project has never been presale, even the project ovner bought coins exclusively from the market at a high rate, so as not to create strong competition and not to use the “official position”.

  • In this list of holders, the coins are evenly distributed amongst the users. Wallets with more than 10.000 coins are either exchange wallets or these coins are frozen for future rewards.

In addition to technological development, the team is actively working on an educational program. At the moment, five new training videos for beginners are in the process of preparation. These videos will allow users to better understand the principles of working with cryptocurrency and learn the basics of earning on liquidity pools. It is also planned to create a series of videos that will explain in detail what Hydra Coin is and how you can maximize your income using the tools offered.

After releasing a series of educational and promotional videos, the Hydra Coin team intends to move on to the development of bots designed to optimize interaction with liquidity pools, allowing to organize this process more interactively using game mechanics. These tools will automate key operations on the platform, simplifying asset management and improving investment efficiency.

Hydra Coin is designed with a long-term perspective in mind, so many key aspects of its development remain confidential for now. The team plans to disclose the details of the poet.

Link to the token’s page on re:doubt and/or DYOR

Link to the token’s page on Geckoterminal

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Hydra - bets coin on TON
To the moon


Долгосрочный проект, фарминг на долгий срок. Отличный потенциал проекта… Поддерживаю :+1::+1:

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So, Hydra - it is like a derrivative on TON for any token ?! Great idea.

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Hydra is OK. The past is cloudy, present is as usual, but the future is clear i think. My own notion: Hydra’s team provides funny and mysterious mechanics for the social activities.

If u’d like to discover stable token with growing community, u’re on the right way. Alert: no fast x-s. D!or.

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Не привлекательно для инвестиций, но на карманные залететь можно имхо

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