TON DOG $TDOG | Token and Memecoin battle

- Token Name: $TDOG
- Project’s Twitter: @tdog_ton
- Please describe your project and token utility

Project Overview:
$TDOG is a vibrant memecoin launched on the gasPump platform, featuring a dog in an astronaut suit as its iconic design. Our project embodies the ideology of PPP (PLAYER PUMP PLAYER), where community-driven growth is paramount. Managed by the community, LP tokens have been burned, and governance rights are set to be decentralized.

Token Utility:
$TDOG is more than just a memecoin; it’s a symbol of community solidarity and organic growth within the blockchain ecosystem. As we soar in value and visibility, our commitment to PPP remains unwavering, ensuring that every player in our community contributes to the token’s upward trajectory.

- Please provide detailed information on your token distribution, especially indicating the % of token supply held by the team and the status of the team’s LP tokens

LP tokens have been fully burnt, ensuring a decentralized distribution among holders. The top holders are deeply committed to the success of $TDOG, reflecting our community’s dedication and belief in the project.

- Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

Over the next 6-12 months, $TDOG aims to expand its influence in the TON ecosystem, fostering a robust community through engaging initiatives and strategic partnerships. We are exploring innovative opportunities such as in-app games and NFTs to enhance interaction and value for our token holders.

- Link to the token’s page on re:doubt and/or DYOR

- Link to the token’s page on Geckoterminal

- Link to the token’s page on Coinmarketcap (if your token is not listed there, write n/a)
- Link to the token’s page on Coingecko (if your token is not listed there, write n/a)

  • Please provide your token’s smart contract address for tracking during The Open League Season 4.
  • Your name Shny
  • Your Telegram handle (@…) @thehenesy
  • Your Twitter
  • Any other links or details that you want to share
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- Do you consider your token a memecoin so that the ‘meme’ label can be added next to your ticker in the leaderboard if your application is approved?

Yes, we consider $TDOG to be a meme token because of our bright and recognizable theme of the spacefaring dog. However, our project goes beyond just memes. We focus on organic community growth and utility within the blockchain ecosystem. Our ideology of PPP (PLAYER PUMP PLAYER) emphasizes community interaction and support within our project. We believe that the combination of entertainment with useful utility and active community participation makes us unique among typical meme tokens.

  • By submitting this application, I undertake to fully abide by The Open League Rules of Conduct. I understand that in case of the violation of those my team will be immediately excluded from the competition. Link: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  • By submitting the form I confirm that the data I provided is correct and I fully understand that in case of the contrary, my project will be permanently eliminated from The Open League.

Please provide proof of burnt LP tokens.

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have they provided the Proof?

Congrats on being approved to join The Open League Season. We hope to see your good performance and fair competition!