The Open League

The Open League

Initial Pilot Season Kicks Off

The Open League (TOL) is a competition for TON ecosystem projects and users. Projects acquire new and loyal users for TON, while users themselves are rewarded for their activity.

TOL will operate in six-month seasons, with the initial pilot season starting today. Each season is divided into four months of active participation, during which users earn TON-backed rewards, and a two-month blackout period.

Each season of The Open League is designed to acquire users, developing their skills and knowledge of Web3, guiding them through incentives to use TON projects. Each month of the season will include a new level of tasks to be completed for each project involved.

Pilot Season

This pilot season will last only 4 months, with 3 months of experiments and 1 month of blackout to prepare for Season 1! Expect experiments and changes;

Level 1 of the Pilot Season starts today and includes five projects that already have over 26 million active users per month:

  • Soulbound Tokens (SBTs)

Level 1 of the Pilot Season kicks off with Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs). SBTs are non-transferable, so they cannot be sold; they are awarded for completing each task.

  • Experience Points (XP)

Experience points will be introduced in Level 2. XP can be exchanged for TON at any time, but the exchange rate is time-dependent, so the longer you hold XP, the more they are worth until the last day of Season 2, where each XP will be worth 1 TON.

  • XP Lottery

XP will be awarded to users in a weekly lottery. Each SBT acts as a ticket.

Take part now to not miss out on the chance to get yourself some cool SBTs and rewards

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