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$TGR is the systemic token of the Tegro ecosystem, utilized to stimulate liquidity and transactions on the decentralized exchange, Tegro.Finance.

The token offers unique financial opportunities through a well-thought-out economic structure and distribution mechanisms.

Owners of the first version of $TGR can exchange their tokens for the upgraded $TGR V2 on a one-to-one basis, maintaining their value and liquidity.

Please describe your project and token utility

The $TGR token offers a range of utilities across the Tegro ecosystem, enhancing user engagement and financial dynamics. It is actively involved in various programs:

  1. Partnership Program: $TGR tokens play a crucial role in our partnership programs, providing mutual benefits and incentives for collaboration.
  2. Staking: Staking of $TGR tokens takes place directly on the Tegro.Finance exchange. Lock-up periods range from 30 to 270 days, with longer periods yielding higher interest rates for token holders.
  3. Liquidity Pools on DEX: $TGR is an integral part of the liquidity pools on the decentralized exchange Tegro.Finance. By participating in these pools, users can facilitate trading on the platform and earn a portion of the transaction fees as rewards.
  4. Earning Opportunities: Users have multiple ways to earn $TGR, such as by participating in ecosystem activities or by engaging with partner projects.
  5. Payment Method in Telegram Bot: The $TGR token is now used as a payment method in the Telegram bot for a social media promotion service. Spend cryptocurrency and receive services in return.

Additionally, every transaction made using Tegro Pay now rewards users with $TGR tokens as cashback. This feature not only enhances the value of using Tegro Pay for regular transactions but also encourages the accumulation and utilization of $TGR within the ecosystem. The integration of $TGR into everyday transactions solidifies its role as a cornerstone of the Tegro platform, promoting usage and retention.

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

Here’s the TGR token roadmap for the next three quarters, designed to increase its utility and value across diverse sectors:

Q3, 2024

  • Expansion in Partnership Programs: We are rolling out TGR as a payment and rewards solution within our collaborations with new partners in various industries, including retail and online services. This strategy aims to extend the token’s practical use.
  • Launch of TGR Loyalty Program: We’re launching a cashback and rewards program to promote the use of TGR in everyday purchases through our partnering platforms. This initiative will encourage regular usage and enhance the circulation of TGR.

Q4, 2024

  • Integration with Social and Media Platforms: We are developing integrations that will enable the use of TGR for subscriptions, advertising, and other services on popular platforms. This will open new channels for TGR utilization.
  • Educational Campaign for TGR: We’re organizing webinars and workshops to raise awareness about the benefits of cryptocurrency, specifically focusing on TGR. These educational efforts are designed to inform and attract new users to the ecosystem.

Q1, 2025

  • Launching TGR on Additional Exchanges: We’re working to list TGR on major international crypto exchanges to enhance its accessibility and liquidity.
  • Enhancing Staking Features: We are introducing new staking options with variable lock-up periods and increased interest rates, particularly for long-term investors.

This roadmap is tailored to boost the use of TGR and expand its application in various business sectors and industries.

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If you’re interested in keeping up with the development of the TGR token, consider joining our Telegram channel. It’s a great way to stay informed about the latest news and updates regarding the token, and also to engage with the community of TGR users and developers.

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