[TEP-129] Implementing the Destroyable NFT Standard on TON Blockchain

The proposed Destroyable NFT Standard introduces an enhancement to the existing NFT Standard, enabling the destruction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a way that renders them as if they were never minted. This document provides a technical specification for the standard, including its motivation, implementation details, and the benefits it offers to the TON blockchain ecosystem.


The need for a Destroyable NFT Standard arises from the limitations faced by NFT owners who wish to permanently remove an NFT from their possession without transferring it to another party. Current practices, such as sending the NFT to a zero address, result in unnecessary gas fees and do not effectively remove the NFT from the circulating supply as perceived by indexers. This standard offers a solution by allowing for the complete destruction of an NFT, addressing both economic and technical inefficiencies.


The Destroyable NFT Standard builds upon the NFT Standard by introducing a destroy operation. This operation enables the removal of an NFT from the blockchain, ensuring that it cannot be reminted or transferred, thereby simulating its non-existence.

Technical Details:

Operation TL-B Schema Description
destroy destroy#1f04537a query_id:uint64 = InternalMsgBody; Initiates the destruction of an NFT.
  • Conditions for Rejection: The operation is rejected if the request does not originate from the NFT’s owner.
  • Effects of Destruction: Upon successful execution, the NFT’s ownership, content, and collection linkage are nullified. A confirmation message with the schema excesses#d53276db query_id:uint64 = InternalMsgBody; is sent to the requester, transferring any remaining contract balance.

Implementation Example: GitHub Repository


The process for minting and interacting with destroyable NFTs remains consistent with that of standard NFTs, with the addition of the destroy operation for permanently removing an NFT from circulation.


The primary limitation of this standard is the irretrievable loss of NFT content following destruction, which may not be suitable for all use cases.

Rationale and Alternatives

The Destroyable NFT Standard is designed to offer a comprehensive solution for the permanent removal of NFTs, addressing both user and creator needs. Alternatives considered included treating NFTs sent to a zero address as burned, but this approach failed to resolve the issues identified in the motivation for this standard.


The introduction of the Destroyable NFT Standard represents a significant advancement for the TON blockchain ecosystem, providing a mechanism for the efficient and permanent removal of NFTs. This standard not only enhances the user experience by eliminating unwanted NFTs but also ensures the integrity of NFT collections by preventing the reminting of destroyed tokens.

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